Can Dogs Have Tums? (Is it Safe?)



The welfare our our beloved pets is constantly at the front of our minds. So if you find that you are asking can dogs have tums, you might be worried that your dog is suffering and in some discomfort. This might be a time when you consider giving them tums, this might be perfectly fine and of no cause for concern.

Tums are available over the counter so it would seem like they would be ok, but it is best to get a better understanding first.

For me, I want my dog to be as happy as possible, and sometimes this means keeping a close eye on their condition and administering anything with caution.

Can Dogs Have Tums - Options


Tums are they designed specifically for dog breeds

Some breeds react differently from others, but a general rule would be to try and get hold of some relief that is designed specifically for dogs such as this. Not only are they designed specifically for dogs, but they also have natural ingredients.

Most discomfort in dogs such as stomach complaints disappear within 24 hours, so hold off on self administering anything before you give your dog a chance to let its body do its job.

If you are short of options then under certain conditions it can be ok to give your dog tums

Is It Safe?

If you have few options then giving them tums will generally be ok. Reduce the amount depending on the size of your dog and as a rule (break a bit off for smaller dogs), only give them the unflavoured variety.


Flavored tums contain ingredients that may disagree with your dog's stomach such as Xylitol and the point of relief is to alleviate stomach complaints. Therefore, only give dogs the unflavoured variety (Via vetblog)

IF your dog has excessive gas or often throws up then there have been many cases of tums helping with this.

The problem is each dog and breed is very different. It is always good to check on the general characteristics of your dog breeds digestive system.

Pet Consider suggests that Tums contain mostly Calcium Carbonate which is not toxic to dogs.

My Dog Swallowed Tums Will He Be Ok?

If the dog has got into the medicine cupboard or swiped them off the side, there is most likely no need to panic. They are not suffering from any poisoning but may now experience constipation.

As always when eating something they shouldnt, it is a good idea to monitor them and if you notice anything strange then contact your vet.

What Else Can I Do?

Often stomach complaints in dogs are due to their diet disagreeing with them.

Try and keep their diet as simple as possible and monitor their condition with new foods.


Stomach complaints in dogs are often due to their diet disagreeing with them

There are specialist foods available for dogs with sensitive stomachs such as Hills Science Diet. These should be one of the first things to consider as they contain high quality ingredients that are easier to digest.

You might be feeding your dog too much, consider changing the amount you feed your dog, or even giving the same amount of food in smaller portions throughout the day.


Speak to a veterinarian to ensure that you are doing the right thing for your dog.

Upset stomachs can also occur when a dog is eating their food too fast, consider a slow feed bowl to make it more challenging for them to eat too fast. The benefits of a slow feed bowl from first hand experience from Sugar the Golden Retriever.


Generally, tums are perfectly fine for your dog to consume as they are not toxic to canines. As a long term solution it is not something that we recommend, instead have a look at the dog's diet first, monitor the results of a specialist dog feed. Again, Hills Science Diet is worth considering.

Hold off initially, give your dog a chance to show that any discomfort is temporary before you consider doing anything. If they are invisible extreme discomfort then of course, consult your vet.

So, dogs can have tums, it is up to you to decide if it is necessary or not, and consult a vet before deciding if it can be a long term solution or not.

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