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The Best Cat Carriers Chosen By 90% Cat Lovers [Latest Report 2020!]


Transporting kitty can be stressful for both parties involved. However, the best cat carriers can lessen the stress associated with traveling with our four-legged friends while keeping them safe.




The Best Hard Plastic Cat Carrier

​- The Best Rolling Suitcase Styled Cat Carrier

- Used for both dogs and cats. 

The Best Soft-Sided Cat Carrier


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The Best Hard Plastic Cat Carrier

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- The Best Rolling Suitcase Styled Cat Carrier

- Used for both dogs and cats.

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The Best Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

The Importance Of Use A Cat Carrier

While it may be obvious that you will need a cat carrier if you are traveling with your pet via plane or train, some owners neglect to use one when it’s just a short vehicle trip to a friend or the vet.

This is a dangerous practice because a freaked out cat can do any number of things like obscure your view or get under your feet between the pedals while driving. 


Additionally, should kitty manage to escape, there is the possibility of getting lost or injured.

The Best Cat Carriers According To Type

Hard Plastic Cat Carriers: Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

Introduced in 1947, these popular cat carriers replaced the originals made of metal that originated in the 1900s. Crate cat carriers provide the most space and are the easiest of all to clean.

Although bulky, some have multiple openings and come apart which makes them the best cat carriers for vet visits. This allows access without having to remove kitty first.

The downside of these cat carriers is that during CPS crash testing the plastic fractures on impact hurtling the subject from confinement.

•Color Options: 4 pearl combinations.
•Sizes: Small/Large.

This USA manufactured eco-friendly cat carrier features a top door which helps to get kitty in/out and a latch secured steel front door. 

Made from sturdy heavy duty plastic and steel wire, the Petmate is made to last.


  • Superior ventilation and visibility. 
  • Included 1-year warranty and a bowl for water/treats.
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip handle. 
  • Highly affordable.  
  • Airline approved.


  • Self-assembly required with plastic wing-nuts and bolts. 
  • Due to the thick plastic, it’s heavy. 
  • The “sunroof” doesn’t stay open by itself.

These are brilliant for traveling on foot with your feline for a great distance. Unfortunately, the sounds of the wheels and bumpiness of the ride may distress kitty. These cat carriers can be tricky to clean.

•Color Options: 3.
•Sizes: Small/Medium/Large.

If you have a heavier cat, the Snoozer Roll Around  allows you to comfortably pull the cat carrier along with its telescopic multi-leveled handle or you can wear it as a backpack.

Made in the States from durable microfiber materials, this cat carrier provides both visibility and ventilation as three sides are mesh.

On the other hand, an angry kitty or serial scratcher may cause damage.

When laid on its side the Snoozer becomes an enclosed bed which helps to create familiarity.

Cats find sheltered areas comforting which is why you often find them chilling in a box or bag.


  • Handy compartments for storage.
  • Interior hook for lead attachment. 
  • Wheels are removable to allow for better under seat placement while flying. 


  • Expensive.
  • Although the carrier which is a car seat as well stays securely in place as it has a seatbelt loop at the back, the mesh part broke free at the stitching during crash testing conducted by the CPS and the test subject was propelled through the air. 
  • Tall individuals may find the handle too short. 

These only debuted in the 1990s and are made with a flexible yet firm fabric like polyester and nylon making for easy storage. They’re also not as bulky nor as spacious as the hard plastic cat carriers.

•Color Options: 7.
•Sizes: Mini/Medium.

My cat is not a heavyweight making the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed our personal top pick out of the lot.

What I loved the most of about this cat carrier which doubles up as a pet car seat is that acclimatizing kitty was a breeze.

By simply removing the zippered mesh dome from the Ultra Plush padded polyester base, it becomes a regular snug bed that kitty uses every day. 

Cleaning this cat carrier is also not as difficult as with some of the other soft cat carriers.

I wipe down the ballistic nylon exterior and the water-repellent bedding with a damp cloth.

he Ultra Plush is washed in the machine and excess hair is vacuumed up.

The final deal clincher for me is that the Sleepypod puts safety first. This cat carrier has passed crash tests conducted by both the manufacturer and the Center for Pet Safety keeping the simulants fully contained.

 It was also the CPS 2015 Top Performer when used in conjunction with the free PPRS Handilock.


  • Car seat belt is secured by velcro positioning points.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and carry handle. 
  • Optional accessories including a universal warmer kit to keep kitty cozy in winter.
  • The Mini fits under airplane seats. 


  • Most soft cat carriers have multiple openings which the Sleepypod does not. It makes it difficult to slip in a comforting hand when kitty is distressed. 
  • Doesn’t feature extra pouches as other soft cat carriers do. 
  • Pricey. 

Our Priority

Remember that kitty needs to become acclimated to the cat carrier. A common mistake that many feline owners make is to skip this vital step and use the cat carrier only when going to the vet. 

Kitty expects the worse when the cat carrier is brought out and is thus highly reluctant to get back in the next time.

Both the Snoozer Roll Around and the Sleepypod Mobile made the process easier because they are also beds. Kitty and I prefer the cute and classic Sleepypod in Robin Egg Blue.

NolongerWild hope that this list of the best cat carriers helps to alleviate stress during traveling or that dreaded vet appointment! 

Factors That Influence Your Choice Of Cat Carrier

Of Couse Size Matters

The size of kitty matters when choosing the best cat carrier because he/she must be comfortable and feel safe in his/her temporary abode.

  • Too big cat carriers should be avoided to prevent slipping and sliding around as if on a ship in a storm. This aggravates motion sickness. 
  • Kitty on the heavy side? Look at more lightweight cat carriers because you’ll need to keep it balanced and literally shoulder the weight. Alternatively, a wheeled variation may be the best cat carrier for you. 
  • The best cat carrier should be about one and a half times the size of kitty thereby allowing unrestricted standing, sitting, and turning. 

Tip For Picking Out A Cat Carrier For Your Kitten:

​​​​​​​Unless you don’t mind having to replace your cat carrier at a later stage, the North Asheville’s Animal Hospital, advises purchasing a cat carrier based on the size you expect your cat to be once fully grown.

 While waiting for kitty to grow, a thick towel can be placed at the bottom of the cat carrier to help with slipping and sliding.

Traveling Details

The purpose and the duration of the trip will affect the cat carrier needed:

  • If you are traveling by plane, make sure to check the airline cat carrier specifications. 
  • Long trips will require enough space for water and food bowls. For even longer trips, a larger cat carrier that can house a bed and litter box is recommended. 

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