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Looking for The Best Dog Treat Pouch? (Honest Review 2020)


Your pet dog needs incentive in the form of treats to do your bidding, while getting trained. It is certainly not possible to always run to the food cabinet to fetch the treats for your dog.

Carry them in your pocket? A messy option that is best avoided. Maybe a paper bag on the market would do? Naah! This will leave you with no hands – one will be clutching the treat tote and the other the dog leash! And if you ever think of sewing one yourself, perish the thought, since it won’t last long and will get messy in no time.

One of the best solution to carry dog treats is using a premium dog training treat pouch. If you are not aware of it or have seen it only in the aquatic mammal shows, where trainers feed trained seals and dolphins from a training treat bags, let us give you a low-down. 

There are several companies selling dog treat pouches in the market, all making tall claims. However, choosing the best dog treat pouch has never been an easy task, since you are going to use it every day and wouldn’t want to get saddled with an inferior one. 

Check Out These 3 Dog Treat Pouch Models

What Are The Characteristics of a Best Dog Treat Pouch?

The variety of dog treat pouches available in pet shops or online can confuse even the most discerning of us, what with their shop talk, promotional blabber and competitive pricing. However, not every dog treat pouch that meets the above criteria may qualify as the best buy.

The things you should look for in an ideal dog treat pouch are: 

  • Water resistant: Although waterproof dog treat pouches are rare, you must choose one that is water resistant, lest you get caught in the rain and end up with gooey stuff inside the pouch.

  • Material: Material dictates the longevity of a dog treat pouch. It should be strong and durable. Nylon and silicone are such materials that are not only longer lasting, but also easy to clean. Depending upon your need, you may even consider pouches made of fabric and polyester.
  • Size and capacity: Dog treat pouches are available in different sizes. Choose one that suits your requirement the best. A bigger pouch allows carrying more treats, whereas a smaller one is more convenient to carry.​​​​

  • Compartments: There are times when you may want to carry a variety of treats for your dog or carry some additional dog stuff. For this, a pouch that has several compartments is ideal.

  • Attachments: The ease of carriage of the dog treat pouch is important to enable you to smoothly dish out the treats. Pouches come with multiple options. You can wear it like a belt, sling it on your shoulder or clip it on your belt.

What Are the Choices in Dog Treat Bags?

Now that you are conversant with what to look for in a best​​​​ dog treat pouch, it is time to look for the most trusted companies and their products. We give you three of the best and our reasons for declaring one of them a winner!

This product is made from lightweight, waterproof and weatherproof nylon that is easy to clean and wash. Its dimensions are 7 x 5 x 2.5 inches.

The spacious main compartment of this pouch is designed to hold a large quantity of treats, kibble and even a few toys. With this dog treat training pouch, there is no spilling of treats, while you run along with your dog, since it is securely closed by means of a drawstring closure. 

This arrangement also gives quick access to the treats. It comes with a 42-inch waist strap with a metal belt clip for hands-free operation. The pouch is also provided with two D-rings designed to hold the training clicker.

The pouch comes with a built-in poop bag holder with convenient pull-out option. All you need to do is to load the cellophane poop bags and pull one after another, as required. The extra storage compartments – one front mesh netting and two zippered pockets – prove most convenient for storing your car keys, cell phones, charger and cash. 

The bag can be worn in three convenient ways – like a belt by means of an adjustable 42-inch waist strap (waist belt), slung on the shoulder by a broad shoulder strap and attached to the belt by means of a sturdy metal hanging clip – all allowing hands-free operation.

NolongerWild’s dog treat pouches also cater to large dog breeds, such as Alaska, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Hound, Mastiff and Saint Bernard, since it can carry bigger dog treats and toys. 

This is a well-designed and durable dog treat bag, made of durable denier polyester. Its dimensions are 5.8 x 2.8 x 6.8 inches and weight, 1.6 ounces.

The opening of this bag is lined with magnets (magnetic closure) for easy opening and closing. It has a roomy, ergonomically-shaped main compartment that can hold three cups of treats. It also has a divider panel for holding different kinds of treats. 

It is provided with two side pockets, one with poop bag dispenser feature. The side pockets are provided with D-ring attachments for attaching carabineers, etc. 

This is made of durable material. Its dimensions are 7 x 2 x 5 inches.

The pouch has a large main compartment with a capacity to hold two to three cups of small kibble. What’s more, this compartment has an inner lining that can be pulled out and cleaned, when it gets dirty. This dog bag is also provided with a reinforced top edge that keeps the mouth of the compartment open for easy access to the treats. The pouch also has a built-in waste bag dispenser.

Our verdict

NolongerWild pet treat pouch wins hands down! As one satisfied customer stated, “This is exactly what the puppy ordered!” Have a look at NolongerWild advantages to see it for yourself. 

  • Spacious compartment.
  • Durable and washable nylon material.
  • Carriage in multiple ways.
  • Poop bag pull-out feature.
  • Additional pockets for storage.

In the dog eat dog world of dog products, NolongerWild admirably holds its own. Little wonder it enjoys widespread popularity. As for the price, it beats all pouches of its genre across the board. Despite this, if you don’t like the product? NolongerWild offers 100% refund on return with no questions asked!

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