[Be Careful] – Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?


There are many fruits that people consider giving our beloved dogs. If you are wondering can dogs eat applesauce because your four legged friend has swiped the whole jar in one go then you can rest assured that he will be fine, but just how good or bad is applesauce for your dog?

Can Dogs Eat Applesauce - The Health Benefits

The Vitamin C and dietary fiber in apples can be of benefit to your dog, not to mention the calcium. The main thing to look out for is if it has been sweetened, it is much better if it unsweetened as it is completely fine for consumption, but sweetened applesauce is not good for your dog.

The fiber in applesauce means your dog can enjoy a healthy digestive system, if your dog suffers from constipation then applesauce might be a helpful food.

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Apples are high in Vitamin C - good news for humans and dogs alike, but dogs enjoy the extra health benefits to their muscles and bones.

The calcium in apples and applesauce are good for developing healthy bones as well as teeth.

One of the reasons apples are so popular for humans is they are seen as a healthy snack. The low calorie content making it a good alternative.

This is the case for dogs, it can be used as an alternative treat, whether it be an actual apple or unsweetened applesauce.

Can Dogs Eat Applesauce - Tips

When giving your dog an apple or apple sauce, especially if it is homemade, make sure the pips are removed as they can be a choking hazard for your dog.

Make sure the applesauce is only made from the fresh fruit itself, as the core could pose health issues for dogs.

Follow the appropriate guidelines on fruit and veg as part of a dog's diet and make sure they do not consume any more than 5% as part of their daily diet.

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Over feeding your dog applesauce can result in some stomach complaints due to the high fiber content in apples.

Some of the dietary fiber is lost in applesauce since it is cooked so it is less likely that your dog will have any issues.

Most applesauce does include sugar, it is especially important that you do not feed it to your dog if it is diabetic.

You can use it as a treat for feeding your dog, mix it with peanut butter and wait for your dog to act as if his luck is in.

Check if Your Dogs Can Eat Applesauce

Not all dogs are made the same, which is why it is important for you to keep an eye on how your pet reacts, check for the following after consumption:

  • Being sick suddenly
  • Diarrhea
  • They are not suffering from dehydration - puppies in particular are susceptible to this

It is always better to make your own so you can avoid including sugar in the recipe. Most shop bought versions will include some level of sugar.

How Much Applesauce Can Your Dog Consume?

Like with any food that they are trying for the first time you should start small and monitor their reaction for a while. It is also good to check on their next couple of toilet breaks to make sure they are not unusual.

There is no reason for you to test this and give them a large amount, it should be treated as it would by humans, as a treat and a couple of spoonfuls at most will usually suffice.


If your dog has consumed a lot of applesauce, the only concern would be if they were allergic which would also be quite rare.

Be careful when giving your dog applesauce that you do not also give them further fruits and vegetables within the same day. Best cooked at home so you can control the ingredients and process, in general the answer to can dogs eat applesauce the answer is most of the time - yes!

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