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Can Dogs Eat Blackberries? (Best Answers from Experts)


Cindy Grant

...Like this?

With everyone being a little more health conscious these days, it's only natural that we as devoted pet parents want to treat our canine companions to wholesome foods as well. Let's take a closer look at nature's dog-friendly super fruit, the blackberry.

Can Dogs Have Blackberries For A Healthy Boost of Anthocyanins? Yes!


Blackberries also contain important nutrients

Although the word, anthocyanin, may sound like a toxin, it is actually the antioxidant property found in the blackberry. 

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This fruit is not only loaded with antioxidants, it also contains:

  • Polyphenols: forms a family of antioxidants that protects cell membranes and DNA. Can also prevent the mutation of some cancer cells.
  • Fiber: aids in digestion, healthy bowel movements and keeps your dog "regular."
  • Manganese: a major mineral element necessary for cell development
  • Folate: a vitamin essential for cell replication and growth
  • Omega-3: good for cardiovascular and nervous system health and the skin and coat.
  • Vitamins - C, K, A and E: overall health and wellbeing

In addition to these amazing qualities, feeding your dog blackberries can boost his immune system and decrease stress, which may lower his chance of getting cancer.

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Do Dogs Need to Eat Blackberries? No!

If your dog was left alone to fend for himself in the wild, he would most likely hunt for a meat-source, not necessarily fruit or berries. However, dogs and their ancestors are and were also scavengers. This means they will eat anything that is edible, especially in times when a meat-source may not be available.


Dogs can eat anything which is edible if you let them outside alone

Since dogs have been domesticated, science has discovered that adding more of nature's goodness (fruits and vegetables) to their daily diets can give them many added health benefits. This is particularly true since most of our pet's diet is found in a manufactured dry kibble formulae.


Fruits and vegetables can be found in a manufactured dry kibble formulae for a dog's diet

Can My Dog Eat Blackberries With Their Digestive Tract? Yes!

Since the canine species is built for a meat-based diet, their digestive tracts are shorter and the acids found in the tract work together to breakdown the protein in meat very quickly. Humans, on the other hand, have longer digestive tract that allow the antioxidants and other healthy components of blackberries (and other fruits) to be absorbed before eliminated. However, if a dog eat blackberries moderately, its digestive system is still able to digest them.

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Can Dogs Eat Blackberries for Treats? Sure!

Like any other new or natural food you offer to your pooch, be sure to start off slowly. Too much of a "good" thing can often lead to stomach upset and/or diarrhea.


You should feed your dogs blackberries in a small amount and gradually increase it with time

The amount of blackberries you give your dog will greatly depend on its size. For example, two small blackberries is plenty for a dog around the eight pound mark, whereas a larger breed can most likely tolerate four to six blackberries in one serving.

A great way to serve blackberries to your dog is fresh. These can be used as a special training treat for a task well done. You can also add the blackberries to their daily dry kibble for a fresh burst of moisture, flavor and health benefits.

Are Blackberries Bad for Dogs? - Remember To Avoid These 3 Killers

We now know that blackberries are a healthy treat for our canine companions, but the following three berries can be deadly.

  • Holly Berries

  • Mistletoes

  • Ivy Berries


If your dogs eat this kind, they can immediately be pain and get burning in their mouth and throat

The berries of this creeping vine are similar to blueberries in appearance, but that's where it stops. Unlike blueberries, the ingestion of the Ivy Berry can cause immediate pain and burning of the mouth and throat. Other symptoms include excessive thirst, blisters on the face and mouth region, convulsions, loss of coordination and even death.

If you believe your dog has ingested any of these berries, it's always best to seek veterinarian attention as soon as possible.

Go Ahead, Let Your Dog Eat Blackberries

Now that we've answered the question of "can dogs eat blackberries", you can safely give your pooch this healthy superfruit. The high level of antioxidants, vitamins and free radical fighting properties the blackberry contains is a great way to give your dog some added health benefits. However, do keep in mind that a few of these berries goes a long way, so introduce them slowly to your dog's diet or use them as a training aid.

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