Can Dogs Eat Lettuce? (Really Safe To Eat?)


When asking can dogs eat lettuce, it is not as simple as a yes, although it is perfectly fine for your dog to eat lettuce. Dogs are perfectly fine to eat the green leafy stuff and it doesn't stop there, there are actually many benefits to eating lettuce for a dog and here we will explore why.

Can Dogs Eat Lettuce Varieties?

Yes, it does not make any difference if they eat iceberg or any variation.

More often than not your dog will likely play with lettuce rather than eating it anyway but if they are to tuck into it then you have no reason to be concerned.

A whole head of lettuce might start out as a bit of fun to play around with for a dog, and although it might stay that way, your dog might also get curious and that's perfectly fine.

What Type is Best?

One word of advice - do not put dressing on the lettuce, it's advisable for humans to not coat their healthy choice of meal with a dressing, so why would you want to give it to your dog?
Dressings are high in sugar and calories - neither are good for your dog.

A lot of dogs will flat out reject lettuce so like with any food, do not force it upon your dog, if they don't want to eat lettuce, this is perfectly normal.

How Much Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?

Although there is enough nutritional value in lettuce for your dog to eat it as a treat from time to time, it is not recommend that you include it as part of their daily diet.

If your dog gets hold of a hold head of lettuce and eats it then monitor them carefully and call your vet if they are concerned about their reaction.

Too much lettuce for a dog will cause stomach complaints so don't include a whole salad of it with their meals. A small amount will be fine. Chop up the lettuce as well so it is easier to digest.

can-dogs-eat-lettuce (3)

If you are set on feeding your dog lettuce then it is advisable that you start with small amounts finely chopped for easy digestion. (Via

I your dog has just eaten a lot of lettuce, it might be an idea to keep them outside for a time to encourage them to pass the food so you can check on the results.

If you are set on feeding your dog lettuce then it is advisable that you start with small amounts finely chopped for easy digestion.

If there is no negative reaction to this you can increase accordingly, but make sure they are not vomiting and their passing of the meal does not result in diarrhea.

How Should it be Prepared?

For your dog to eat lettuce, it is easier for them if you can steam it. Rest assured that this does not remove the health benefits for your dog and he will have an easier time.

This will be easier on your dog's digestive system, that crunch won't be there with every bite, but the nutrients will be locked in for your dog to benefit from.

Do Not Include as Part of a Salad

Thats right, lettuce might be fine but this doesn't mean you can start preparing a full on salad for your dog in an effort to get more nutrients to them.

Be mindful that every vegetable is different and onions in particular can be dangerous for your dog. And as we said before - salad dressings are a no!

Can Dogs Eat Lettuce for their Health?

So, you know that they will most likely be fine if they consume lettuce, but what are the health benefits?

For humans, lettuce is used to bulk out a meal and fill us up, the nutritional value isn't great compared to other leafy veg. The main benefit for you and your dog is hydration, since lettuce is made up of over 90% water in some cases.

can-dogs-eat-lettuce (1)

Dogs can be fed lettuce and fruits moderately for their health (Via petlosssupport)

Great to include as a snack in the summer months it will keep your dog hydrated if you are worried they are not taking on enough water.

Romanie lettuce has some useful properties mainly Vitamin A which is good for vision and the immune system and Vitamin K for healthy heart and bones. 


It is perfectly safe for your dog to enjoy some lettuce as part of a healthy diet, make sure it is not used to substitute any other parts of their regular diet and it is used as an additional ingredient.

Prepare it properly, start slow and stem if possible.

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