Can Dogs Eat Pork? (Be Careful!)


If you have had your dinner and are wondering can dogs eat pork then you are wise to ask, and have come to the right place.

Why are People Asking "Can Dogs Eat Pork"?

Many people believe that giving your dog pork is a bad idea, some of these people are vets and since that carries a lot of weight for the argument against, people are finding it strange that pork is more present in some dog foods than ever.

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Pork is more present in some dog foods than ever

It could stem from the pig's ear treats often given to dogs which is very high in fats and don't offer a lot of health benefits.

These are mostly given to a dog to offer them a treat that takes a while to consume.

There has also been a concern about trichinosis which dogs can contract from pork, the symptoms can include the swelling of the eyelids, sore muscles and general pain in the body. 

This is mainly a risk from raw pork and since many people believe that a dog's digestive system is so hardly that they can consume raw meats without complications they are often given raw pork. This is unnecessary and is a risk every time you give your dog raw meat.

Can Dogs Eat Pork in Dog Food?

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Since it is present in many dog foods you would have to agree that it is safe.

You should be wary that the ft are removed since that is the main part of pork that you should not be giving your dog because of the risk of pancreatitis.

Check for the pork type as it should usually be stripped of it's fat and come from a lean cut.

A good quality dog food will be more likely to contain a good quality meat content, this is the same for pork.

Does the Type of Pork Matter?

Yes it does, always best to choose a lean cut - dogs are no different from humans in some ways! 

If you can get pork tenderloin then this is also good, this doesn't have much fat on which we have already established is the best way to give your dog pork. It is more expensive but for good reason, it is the best type of pork you can give.

Loin pork is like giving your dog the lowest quality dog food you can find in the supermarket.

If you care about your dog you will try and give it at least a decent quality of diet, and this will not include loin pork which is fatty and could cause digestive issues.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Bones?

It's not always a great idea to give dogs pork bones. Because pork is best given once cooked and pork bones are best eaten raw, it is a bit of a dilemma

Cooked bones can splinter and cause choking amongst other complications so if you are going to feed a dog a pork bone, it is better if it is raw, but still be mindful of this.

A lot of people believe that bones help to strengthen dogs teeth from the chewing. Although this is the case, there are many other things you can give your dog if this is why you are considering giving your dog a pork bone. 

If you must give your dog a pork bone, keep an eye on their progress to make sure there is no risk of choking and don't give them more than they can chew - too large a bone will be difficult to chew.

Can Dogs Be Allergic to Pork?

As with any new food or human food that you give your beloved pet, start with a small portion and go from there. If there is no reaction then you can increase the amount.

Don't go overboard though, pork should not replace a balanced diet that your dog should usually enjoy. If your dog is allergic, consult your vet and be mindful when selecting new foods in the future.


So, if prepared properly and given a good quality product, pork is fine for most dogs. The talk of it being bad for your dog may still be present with some vets, but this will largely be because many people give low quality fatty pork that is raw to their pets.

Stick to a high quality feed that you trust, the reputation of the company often means the better brand results in better quality. Check for any changes in your dog when giving them a new food. Give your dog cooked pork as a treat is fine but continue with their regular diet.

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