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(Dog Guides) Can You Use Baby Shampoo On Dogs?


Even our most beloved pets can become a little too dirty to cuddle. When it comes to bathtime maybe you've have run out of your regular dog shampoo, so you ask yourself - is it safe to use baby shampoo on dogs? As a general rule, you should not use any products intended for human use on an animal.

There are questions to be raised because of the mild nature of baby shampoo, is it suitable? does it damage a dog's coat, can it damage their eyes? Also in the case of an emergency can you use baby shampoo on dogs? These are all questions we will look into now on Nolongerwild.

Why Should you not use baby shampoo on dogs?

Because of the differing pH levels in human and dog skin it is never a good idea to use any product designed for human skin and its pH levels on a dog.

The acid in products made for humans will irritate your dog's skin.

Any flea or tick related skin issues should result in you never using human shampoo on your dog as any treatment used may cause extra irritation on your dog's skin.

Colourings in human shampoos can irritate your dog's skin, if you have a selection of shampoos at home to choose from and must use one. Select the one that has the least fragrance, as little ingredients as possible and anything more natural and organic.

Are there some baby shampoos that are ok?

If you were going to use any baby shampoo on a dog then it has been found that some dogs are ok if the baby shampoo is mild, clear in colour and with no scent.

It is important that you are not using these too often, if you are using it as a one off replacement then this is better for your dog. As with any product when bathing your dog - it is important not to do it too often. If you bathe your dog more than once every 1-2 months then it is important that you use a shampoo specifically made for dogs.

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If you were going to use any baby shampoo on a dog, you should make sure the baby shampoo is mild, clear in colour and with no scent.

The pH levels in baby shampoo is different from adult versions, it should be midler on your dog's skin as an alternative but always be on the lookout for signs that your dog's skin is experiencing a problem after the use of any new shampoo.

If you can find a baby shampoo that is tear-free then this will be better as well incase any gets in your dog's eyes.

Better Baby Shampoo Brand for Dogs

Although we still recommend you using a dog specific shampoo here are some alternatives if you have them already for your children:

Johnson & Johnson

Many believe that Johnson and Johnson baby shampoos - especially any that are free of scent and clear are a good alternative for a dog due to their mild ingredients. These ingredients won't dry a dog's skin as much as other products and won't take long to rinse - always good if your dog is one of the many who would rather jump out of the bath than stay in it!


Johnson and Johnson baby shampoos may be a good alternative for a dog due to their mild ingredients


Aquaphor have created an all purpose wash and shampoo formula, this one in particular is good as it has no fragrance meaning it uses less chemicals and is also free of dye. These are both better for your dog's skin as it is a mild multi purpose shampoo.

Dr. Bronners Baby

With many organic ingredients that are better for your dog's skin. The natural ingredients are less harsh on the coat of your pet and the fact that there are not many ingredients means it is better for even a human to use.

Considering using baby shampoo on dogs - Dogs Coats


Dogs coats are supposed to be self cleaning

Firstly because of the essential oils in your dog's coat it does not need washing too often, even washing him weekly can remove these oils and leave your pet with a worse for wear coat and skin.

For each breed this varies but you should only consider washing your dog when you start to detect an odor or if they have managed to get particularly dirty. Dogs coats are supposed to be self cleaning so it should not be often that they require the use of products anyway.

Other factors

No matter what shampoo you use it is important to create a bathing atmosphere that makes your dog as comfortable as possible.

Consider the temperature of the water, too cold and you risk exposing your dog to potential illness, too warm and you will cause your dog harm. If you are bathing outside choose a sensible day to do so, don't leave your dog to dry in the cold.

Wash with care- especially around sensitive areas, baby shampoos are going to be less harmful if you can avoid getting it in your dog's eyes. And wash carefully around the ears and privates.

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