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Why is My Cat Not Eating or Drinking? (Is It Sick?)


So your beloved cat is rejecting it's food and the water bowl hasn’t gone down in a little while, this can be a concern for any pet owner.

But just how serious is it if your cat stopped eating or drinking? And what can cause it?

A cat that stops eating is often a sign that something is wrong and could be the result of an illness. If you have seen a change like this in your cat then it is advisable to consult your Vet before too long.

Why Is My Cat Not Eating or Drinking - Is It Because of Illness?


Losing appetite on cats can vary from kidney failure, infection, pancreatitis and even cancer.

Let's have a closer look at this. Of course, it is an alarm of cat loss of appetite, and one of the reasons can be that they are fighting illness. These can vary from kidney failure, infection, pancreatitis and even cancer.

This doesn't necessarily have to be so serious though. Something as irritating as gum disease can be the cause. If this is the case, it is still in your best interest to consult your vet.

Will a New Environment Cause My Cat Not To Eat?


The new environment that is causing your cat to stop eating or drinking because of stress.

Quite possibly - Moving around can be stressful for a human, let alone a cat. If you are on the move, it could be the travel or the new environment that is causing your cat to stop eating or drinking.

Motion sickness is also a cause for a pet to stop eating for a little while so if you have flown with your cat, this could be the reason.

My Cat Had a Vaccination and Now Why is My Cat Not Eating or Drinking?

This is another possibility, if your cat has stopped eating not long after a visit to the vet for its regular vaccinations then the stress or even a reaction to the vaccination might be the cause for a loss of appetite.

Can My Cat Lose Its Appetite Because of Its Mood?


Changes to their regular routine and home space can cause them to lose their appetite.

Absolutely, Cats aren't immune to suffering from depression or anxiety. With this in mind your cat might not go anywhere near the food or water bowl if you have recently brought a dog into the home.

Other changes to their regular routine and home space can cause them to lose their appetite. Have a think about any adjustments you might have introduced into your household that could have affected your cat.

Why Is My Cat Not Eating - How To Get A Cat To Eat or Drink

You have more than one option of course. If you are very concerned about your cats wellbeing then the first thing to do is take her to your vet. A loss of appetite can be alarming and can only go on for so long before there are serious consequences.

Change Food Type


Try different brands and protein types to help cats get their appetite back (Via petfamily)

It might sound obvious, but maybe you cat just doesn't like what you are offering it? If this is the case you can give them a few options. For example, dry food next to wet, dry food mixed with wet. Also try different brands and protein types.

There is also evidence to show that cats enjoy treats such as Tuna as a way of getting them back to their normal appetite. These should not replace their regular meal but offering it to your cat as a means of getting their appetite back could work.

If you do give them a food best suited to humans to get their appetite going again, the way to wean them back onto cat food is to mix the two together until you phase out the human food.

Liquid Diet

This is something your vet might recommend so it is always good to be prepared for what they might advise. This would involve feeding your pet through a syringe to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

This is something a vet will only undertake in worrying circumstances for example - anorexia in your cat.

Move The Bowl

That's right something as simple as moving their food and water tray can help. This is especially the case if you have it near their litter tray - a cat is unlikely to eat near where they poop so be mindful of this.

If you have more than one cat, then space their bowls out - it might be the case that your cat is scared to go near where it's bowl is located. This is also an idea if it is near something they fear such as the vacuum hoover or dishwasher.

Change the Food Bowl

Cats are fussy eaters but if their bowl is too deep it might be putting them off their meal. Just use a plate or a shallow bowl and see if this works.


Just remember, every cat is different but a loss of appetite can be a real concern, more so for a cat than a dog so consult your vet if you are particularly concerned about their wellbeing.
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