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Cat Toilet Training – Cat Spraying No More Review (Updated 2020)


It seems a lot of people are searching for a way for cat toilet training. Thankfully, there just might be a viable solution to stop cat spraying or cat peeing in the house. Our Cat Spraying No More Review will be looking into pros and cons and it will definitely be worth looking at:

  • If your cat's urinary problems have got out of hand
  • If you want to train your cat to use a litter box
  • If anti-cat pee spray hasn't worked so far
  • If you want to know how to stop a cat from spraying

Time To Find Out...
Why so many people are turning to this program >>

Cat Spraying No More Review: What Is It? Is This a Complete Cat Toilet Training Solution?

This in-depth guide is an 11 chapter strong book that takes you through the whole process to get your cat to stop peeing in the house. This just might be the most complete cat toilet training guide we have seen.

Taking you through the step by step process to equip you and your cat to a harmonious solution that is pleasing for both you and your cat.


Veterinary Technician Sarah Richards (Via catsprayingnomore)

It is the brainchild of Veterinary Technician Sarah Richards. She works for the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). She has dealt in the before and aftercare of many sick animals as part of her job so she knows a thing or two about being sympathetic and helping animals to survive.

Sarah Richards has first-hand experience when it comes to finding a solution for a cat urinating in the house.

It has proved to be 100% effective so far, you can't argue with that.

She has used a quite unbelievable but effective trick to solve the problem and is now sharing it through this illustrated and in-depth guide. It has been labeled as the easiest to follow solution on the market, but what does it involve?

Cat Spraying No More Content

The fact is, if your cat is spraying around the house, there is a reason for it. This book covers all the possible reasons and gives you a lot of solutions to try out.

Here is a breakdown of what is involved:


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Find Out Why Your Cat Is Eliminating Inappropriately

Chapter 3: What You Can Do To Get Your Cat To Use It's Litter Box - The Basic Approach

Chapter 4: Using Your Cats Preferences and Instincts To Stop Inappropriate Elimination

Chapter 5: Cats And Stress: How Stress Can Cause Inappropriate Elimination, And How To Deal With It

Chapter 6: Locating The Offender

Chapter 7: Using Medication To Resolve Issues With Inappropriate Elimination

Chapter 8: Examples of How I Have Dealt With Inappropriate Elimination In Cats

Chapter 9: Detailed Technique And Methods To Help You Stop Your Cat Eliminating Inappropriately All Over Your House

Chapter 10: Natural and Herbal Remedies To Cure Inappropriate Elimination

Chapter 11: Conclusion

How Does The Course Help To Stop a Cat From Spraying?

The course says it has the solution that will enable you to do the following:

  • Permanently stop your Cat from peeing outside the litter box
  • Leave you with a happy Cat
  • Save you money on cleaning products
  • Reduce your own stress
  • Help you to leave the house without having to worry about it when you return

The course will help to stop cat from peeing on the carpet(Via catsprayingnomore)

I found the information to be well written and one of the most in-depth solutions for cat toilet training problems around. Everything is simple to follow and is clearly written from the heart. It covers:

  • How to work out why your cat is rejecting the litter box in the first place. Always good to take it back to the start!
  • Proven methods for making sure they use their box
  • A home remedy that is natural and can easily be made from home. This is the herbal anti-cat pee spray that doesn't cost you megabucks, and works!
  • There is even a chapter on your Cat's instincts. This section was useful as it helped you to understand why your cat pees in the box, and how to stop it
  • There is a section on stress. Whenever you read about why do cats spray, this will come up so it is good that it is being addressed.
  • The number 1 rule you must follow!
  • There are real-life examples that take you through real Cats journeys from peeing in the house to using the box.
  • 4 herbal remedies
  • A weird trick that really works
  • What you’re doing wrong
  • And loads more content

There is no technical talk here, the idea is just to help you with solutions that work, not impress you with some jargon that is hard to understand. It really helps to get your home smelling the way it should!

I found it to have useful advice on the small changes to your home environment that can really yield positive results. Also, the sections on keeping your Cat away from certain parts of the house is also effective.

More Bonus Material for Stop Cat from Peeing

It's not just the regular advice that you expect, Sarah has gone even further to try and deliver value. The bonuses alone are worth the price!

Bonus 1: Cat Training Bible


The holy grail of content. There are 170 pages of extra training advice tailored made for Cats. It covers everything from kittens with no training to collar training, house training, stopping fights and even teaching them tricks!

At a value of $50, this is a great addition to your library.

Bonus 2: 101 Recipes For A Healthy Cat


It's easy to get your Cat looking good on the outside, a new collar alone can add a bit of shine. But how about how your Cat is on the inside?

This app has some amazing and simple to make recipes for a nice home cooked meal. Why not treat them to something they really want like salmon pate, homemade kitty Yum Yums and more.

Bonus 3: The Cat Care Blueprint


More essential reading and another nice bonus. This e-book has a range of information that covers everything from how to really make sure your feline friend is healthy and happy around the house.

This will help with cat urinary problems but also their general well being. It is one of our favorite parts from the whole Cat Spraying No More review.

Bonus 4: Pet Medical Recorder Software


A useful tool that will help you to keep track of vaccinations, all their worming and flea tablets and any treatments that your specific cat requires. Your Cats medical history will be in one easy to access, easy to follow place.

Cat Spraying No More Review: Money Back Guarantee!!!

Ok, purchasing anything online can make you think twice. The good news with this course is that it is risk-free.

It comes with a 60-day, no questions asked "Money Back Guarantee".

So, if you are the first person that this book does not stop your cat from marking, you can get your money back.

Using a Cat consultant can cost you 100’s of dollars and often there is no aftercare and you are left to your own devices. The good thing about Cat Spraying no More is that it is a resource that you can keep coming back to, and it works!

Cat Spraying No More: How Does It Compare?

This is the most in-depth and easy to follow guide we have found on training your cat to use the toilet.

No other guide covers so much content. There is everything from when doing male cats start spraying, to cat spraying odor removal.

There are other options but they don't have the same value when it comes to bonuses. Many of them are boring and don't have the illustrations to break up the content.

Cat Spraying No More "Pros and Cons"


  • Great content
  • Awesome value
  • Easy to follow
  • A ton of bonus material
  • Has worked for 1000’s of people
  • Home remedies


  • All PDF
  • No videos


Overall Score: 9/10

What do other cat parents say?


Money Back Guarantee

It is a great option instead of spending 100’s of dollars for someone to come and give you half an hour of their time, leaving you with no after help and a cat that is more stressed than when they found it.

The extras are worth 3 times as much as the course itself so you are getting a great guide and fantastic value! Cat Spraying No More gives the right tools to the person your Cat responds to the most - You!

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