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Do Cats Need Baths? (How to Give Cats a Bath)


It's a question we often contemplate as we see our feline friends grooming themselves but do cats need baths, even if they wash themselves? There are a few different circumstances to consider before we can say decisively.

Do Cats Need Baths?

Most of the time, it is not necessary to wash your cat in a bath. Using water to wash your cat can seem like a daunting task especially since they seem to take a strong disliking to this approach.

The fact is, between grooming themselves and their owners brushing them frequently, there is little need to bathe your cat.


It is not necessary to wash your cat in a bat(Via healthypets)

Of course, for every normal circumstance, there is an occasion where it is important to help them along the way in terms of hygiene. Maybe they have managed to get some of their own mess on themselves when using the litter tray, or they have managed to get particularly dirty.

Maybe you cat has returned when they have been missing for some time and you feel the need to ensure they are healthy and happy.

Does Age Affect The Need For A Bath?

It does come into it. An older Cat might have greasier fur, this comes with the territory and is nothing to worry about.

Older cats are often heavier and as a result are not able to reach the places they used to. This is when it is necessary to give your Cat a bath. This is also regardless of age, if your Cat is overweight, it is a good idea to give them a helping hand in terms of grooming.

Do Cats Need Baths if They Have Fur Problems?

Yes, it is a good idea to give them a bath if you notice their fur has become matted or even forms dreadlocks.

By snipping them you are only temporarily fixing the problem as they can re appear if their coat is not maintained.


You should give your cats a bath if they are suffering from fleas or ticks

By bathing a cat you are reducing shedding. This might be a god send for your home as a shedding cat can make things real messy. If you are able to reduce the effects then this can only be a good thing.

By bathing your cat you are removing the loose hair that your feline is shedding and ensuring it doesn't end up on your rug or carpet.

A word of caution though. Many Cats will find the bathing process stressful, so by doing this you might actually encourage them to shed even more. Once they are calmer this will not be so prevalent.

Bathing A Cat And Fleas

This is often a solution for stopping or preventing an infestation on your Cat that you would not wish on them. By choosing a natural flea ridding shampoo and bathing them you are helping to make them more comfortable in the long run.

How Often Should I Bathe My Cat?

This is an interesting question and depends on whether they live indoors or outside.

An indoor Cat will only need to be bathed once or twice a year if you are looking to give them a helping hand when it comes to hygiene. If you are like one of the many people who never bath their Cat then do not fret, this is perfectly normal and Cats do groom and clean themselves.

Sometimes brushing will suffice and will help to keep their coat in good condition.

Of course, an outdoor cat is far more likely to pick up dirt and requires bathing a little more frequently if their coat begins to look in a bad condition.


An outdoor cat requires bathing a little more frequently

Everything depends on your Cat, if you have bathed them from an early age it might be something they are used to and therefore enjoy. If they become stressed and even aggressive then it is something you might consider doing less frequently.

How Do I Bath My Cat?

The easiest approach is by using a Sink. A bathtub might be a bit big and intimidating for the Cat, not to mention a chore for you to bend over.

Still, it doesnt need to be a stressful job so here is our guide for an easy as possible experience for all:


Use a soft towel to rub your cat lightly after giving her a bath

  • List Element
  • Add a few inches of water into the sink
  • Use an easy to pour cup to gently pour water from the shoulder to the tip of the tail
  • The face is the difficult area, either wet your hand and rub gently or use a damp cloth
  • Lather with your shampoo of choice and repeat the process
  • If you wish to clean the inside of their ear, a cotton ball or the edge of the cloth can be used. Never put anything into your cats ear, their ears are not the same as ours!
  • Dry with a towel rubbing lightly

There you have it, a guide to bathing your Cat and when it is necessary to do so, we hope you have many clean and warm hugs with your beloved pet.

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