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7 Must-Have Dog Accessories to Put on Your Shopping List


7 Must Have Dog Accessories: 

1) Collar and a Leash


A collar and a leash are essential accessories for dog training

This sounds obvious but if you haven't owned a dog before you might not know the other benefits other than lots of nice walks.

A collar and a leash are essential accessories for dog training sure, but also for ensuring their identification tags and dog license are attached. You can get these made at your Vet or Pet store most of the time. Here you can put your contact details on in case your dog goes on an adventure on their own one day.

Find a collar that fits nicely, not too tight but also one they cannot remove on their own. You do want to go with a quality product. This will be your tool for helping your pet through the training stages of their development.

2) A Bed


That's right, your dog is going to need somewhere to rest their head and it is always a good idea to get them a comfortable area of their own.

A more practically sized bed will fit in their crate so when you leave the house, they are just as comfortable.

There are all sorts of beds available on the market but you may want to choose one that is a bit tougher in the early months. If your dog is prone to chewing, the last thing you want is a room full of foam. This is bad for both you and your dog as if ingested it can cause problems.

3) Water Bowl and Food Bowl


A stainless steel bowl can be better

Of course, you will need to help your dog to feel as though they have their own space and things. A water and food bowl is one such item.

Choose carefully though. The cheaper option is plastic, but this can be home for bacteria and although it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, a stainless steel option is better.

They are sturdy so they won't move around as much but also they are not going to be as chew toys. They also last a lot longer.

4) Pet Care Supplies


A dog brush is a must have dog accessories

That's right, grooming is another essential element for your pets. Depending on the breed you will need different supplies. If your dog is long haired, it will need something different to a dog that sheds very little.

The right type of brush is important and so are supplies for brushing teeth, cleaning their ears and trimming their nails.

On top of this you will want a specialized shampoo that will help them to get through bathtime with as little fuss as possible, whilst also leaving their coat and skin in great condition. Even their own towel is a good idea, although this might be just as beneficial for you!

5) Toys

Yes, don’t forget the fun part.

The range of toys available is sometimes comical - just try keeping your kids away from a plastic chicken that squeaks when squeezed!


A ball or a bit of rope can turn into a fun game

There are different types for different types of play. A bit of rope can turn into a fun game that also helps with tooth care or a toy to play fetch with that can be great fun for everyone.

Try not to go for the cheaper option when it comes to toys. This can be tempting as you assume that it won't take long for your dog to all but destroy their new present over time. The problem is that when they do, smaller pieces can fragment.

Even the squeaker can prove to be an issue if they eat it so anything that stays to get a bit too worn should be removed.

6) Baby Stair Gates

Ok, so you don't have to use these on stairs, just anywhere you don't want your dog to get to.

Sectioning off an area of the house can be beneficial for everyone, some areas are just out of bounds. It can stop your dogs from going outside when the back door is open or from going upstairs if you prefer.

Maybe you just need to keep them in one place when you go to work? Whatever the reason, it's good for your dog to have some boundaries.

7) Crate


Make sure you choose a crate with appropriate size, regardless of any materials (via plowhearth)

This is an must have dog accessory for any owner, especially in the training months. A crate made of stainless steel will last a long time and is generally built better. Their comfort is the most important thing here. Make sure they can stand, turn and lie down comfortably.

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