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The Best Dog Car Seat Cover 2020 [Data By Experts]


If your dog loves to take rides in your car like mine does, it is time to save your seat covers. If you don’t take timely action, your car upholstery stands to suffer badly.

Investing in best dog seat cover now is certain to save you from spending money on getting your car upholstery done up again, no thanks to your dog. With this seat cover, you won’t even face the problem of cleaning your car’s interior, every time your dog takes a ride with you.

Therefore, let's take a glance at top 4 best dog seat cover on Nolongerwild




Dimensions: 54 x 58 inches.

Dimensions: Various sizes to fit cars, SUVs and trucks.

Dimensions: 56 x 62 inches.

Material: Made from good, high-quality water-resistant material with high-density padding.

What are the benefits of dog seat cover?

If you ever had to do the thankless job of removing your dog’s hair from your car upholstery, you would know how truly frustrating that can be. Add to this the dog’s paws that leave scratch marks on your beautiful seat covers. 

A dog car seat cover is an effective car upholstery protector. It not only saves the upholstery from your dog’s scratches and stains from its pee and drooling, but also from its shedding, and the dirt and debris brought in by the dog. 

The dog car seat cover not only protects the interior, but is also easy to fix on the car seat in just a few minutes. The material of such seat covers is designed for easy cleaning.

What to look for in a dog car seat cover?

There are a few attributes that are indicative of how good a dog car seat cover is. These are:

  • Durability: One of the most important things to consider is the durability of the product. With any dog, this seat cover is certainly going to be used and abused, so it is important that it is made of high-quality material that is not only water- and stain-resistant, but is also scratch proof.
  • Non-slipping: Most dog seat covers come with a non-slipping base, in which the reverse of the seat cover has rubber backing. This is a must, since your dog is certain to use its paws to dislodge it and reach your original seat covers.
  • Ease of cleaning: The seat cover should not soak anything up or have cracks that let liquid get absorbed into your original seat covers. It should be water-resistant and stain proof. At the same time, it should be easy to clean with a damp rag and washable, preferably in a washing machine. It should also have piped edges that prevent the dirt and water from reaching the carpeting of the vehicle.
  • Perfect fit: The seat cover will not serve its purpose, if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Thus, make sure that it fits well on the car seat and doesn’t slip and slide. It should have attachments, both at the front and rear, to secure it to the car seat. It should also be easy to install and to take off. Since, dog seat covers come in various sizes, choose one that fits your car perfectly. Also, the cover should not interfere with side air bags.

Which is the best dog car seat cover to go in for?

There are many brands of dog car seat covers available in the market. I give you the four best that have been tried and tested, and have got rave reviews. 

This is a 54-inch by 58-inch dog car seat cover made of high quality material. It can be securely fastened to the car seat and can be converted into a hammock. It has openings for seatbelts, too.

The water-resistant polyester seat cover is provided with thick padding and a non-slip base that keeps it in place on the car seat. Cleaning this seat cover is simple and is easily done with a damp rag.


  • Dimensions: 54 x 58 inches.
  • Material: High quality water-resistant polyester.
  • Non-slip base prevents slipping from car seat covers.
  • Converts into a hammock.
  • Machine washable with gentle cycle.


  • For some vehicles, the length of the securing straps falls short.
  • It has durability issues, due to the material.

This product comes in various sizes, with the width ranging from 54 inches to 60 inches. The material of the dog seat cover comprises water-resistant, three-layered protective PU that is rated 190 GSM. It is available in black, gray and tan colors.

This car seat cover can be attached to the headrest to keep the seat in position. It can easily be converted into a hammock by strapping it to the front headrest. Its non-slip back surface keeps it in place and its padding provides extra comfort and stability.


  • Material: Superior water-resistant material made of three-layered protective PU.
  • Can be converted into a hammock.
  • Has openings for easy access to seatbelts.
  • Dimensions: Various sizes to fit cars, SUVs and trucks 


  • The XL size fell short for some large vehicles.
  • There are issues with non-slip base material.

This is a 56-inch by 63-inch sleek and fine-textured dog seat cover. It is made of high quality three-layered material, with top layer of polyester, middle layer of PE material and bottom layer of soft rubber. This makes it completely waterproof.

This soft and sturdy, scratch-resistant seat cover has seat anchors that keep it in place. It has been provided with additional piece of material that easily converts into a hammock. It is easy to clean and its waterproof feature makes it ideal for transporting other wet items, such as plant seedlings.


  • Dimensions: 56 x 62 inches
  • Material: Three-layered waterproof material comprising polyester, PE material and soft rubber.
  • Water and scratch resistant.
  • Non-slip base and can be converted into a hammock.


  • Larger-than-usual size does not fit small cars
  • It has issues with the durability of the material.

This is an aesthetically better-looking choice for your car. The thick, stain-resistant material of the seat cover stops mess from soaking down into the upholstery. It is easy to install, as it attaches securely and stays in place. It is fully machine washable and durable to stand its daily use. It has seatbelt openings.


  • Imparts an aesthetic look to your car.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Material: Made from good, high-quality water-resistant material with high-density padding


  • Not designed to cover the front seats or the car floor.
  • In some vehicles, it has issues with installing and staying in place.
  • In some vehicles, it doesn’t properly fit.

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In Conclusion

Dog seat covers are a must for all pet owners. These not only save your original car seat covers from getting dirty and damaged by your dog, but also provide comfort and security to your dog. It is also easy to clean and keeps the car hygienic. 

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