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My Dog Pees On Couch (Why and How to Prevent)


The moment you step into your house after a long day’s work, the smell of urine hits you square between the eyes. Who wants to clean that couch your dog peed on while you were out and about earning a living?
Hell, My Dog Pees On Couch! – Why, And How Can I Prevent It?

5 Methods to Prevent Your Dog from Peeing on your Couch

Method 1 – Scheduled and Regular “Potty Time”

Dogs are very much in sync with your schedule. Have you ever noticed that dogs who go on regular walks during the same time every day, will try to get your attention around the time their walk is due? The same goes for ‘potty time.’

It is thus important to ensure your dogs go outside regularly to relieve themselves. My dogs for example, never poop in my yard. They wait every day for their morning and afternoon walk, and only poo during our walk.

dog-pee-on-couch (1)

You should let your dog go outside to relieve themselves

Dogs that have been house trained need to go outside at regular, scheduled times. If not taken out, it might happen that your dog will find a suitable spot in your house (especially against your couch) to be his new potty area. That might be detrimental for you, since most dogs return to the one spot they have urinated at previously.

Method 2 – Attend A Doggie Training School

If your dog has not yet been fully house trained, or you struggle to house train your dog yourself, find a dog training school close to you. Not only will your dog learn potty skills, but these schools are also great for teaching your dog, commands, socializing behavior with other dogs, walking next to you, general house training, only accepting food given by you and many more.

Method 3 – Ensure Your Dog Gets Regular Exercise

Dogs need to be walked regularly - preferably daily in order to keep them healthy, their muscles strong and avoid boredom. Dogs that are bored get up to all kinds of mischief, one such peeing on your couch.

Method 4 – Get a Pee Pad

Dogs that stay indoors for most of the day, will need their own area where they could pee and poo at their own leisure. Getting a pee pad might be a very wise investment.

Method 5 – Clean that Couch Thoroughly and Use A Spray on it Dogs Hate

If all others fail, might you need to clean your couch from top to bottom to rid it of most of your scent. Afterwards, use a natural scent dogs seem to hate such as vinegar, citrus and apple cider vinegar. (Tip: Rather than using chemicals, use natural scents.)


My Dog Pees on Couch - Here Are Reasons

Reason 1 - The Couch Smells Like You and He is Marking His Territory

Since your couch (and other furniture) are covered in your sent, male dogs (or even females) often pee on your couch to add their own scent to confirm their status and territory. That way he is making a statement: “Hey, I’m part of this household too. Look, I just added my sent to my boss’s to confirm this. Who’s the man . . . emh . . . Dog Boss of this house now . . .

Reason 2 – For Safety

Within nature might you have noticed animals, especially dogs, wolves, jackals and cats of all sizes, associating with one another by way of smell. A certain sent is associated with safety, especially if the dog is still quite young.

dog-pee-on-couch (2)

Peeing is the way she confirms her territory in her house

Pups for example, they will know they are safe when they smell their mother close by, but if they get sniff of another dog’s scent, might that send them into hiding. A female dog will most often pee a lot around her den or where her pups are to ensure the pups feel safe.

Also, in order to mark out a specific territory, will dogs pee on certain spots to ensure their territory is well indicated to other dogs or predators, and to ensure their own safety. Unfortunately, might your couch be just in the right spot for territory marking.

Reason 3 – Your Dog Demonstrates A Submissive Eliminator Demeanor

Valerie, a dog trainer, argues some dogs are known to be naturally submissive eliminators. That means, your dog might be overly submissive, demonstrating behaviors such as peeing when they are excited, scared, has been scolded, or when they meet someone new.

Most often will these dogs then go to a place they feel safe, which are often your couch or bed and pee on it. If you regularly sit on your couch or bed, with your dog close by or on your lap, might he associate the area as be his zone of safety.

Reason 4 – Medical or Health Problems

If your dog has never peed on your couch before, but suddenly start doing it, check for diseases. These can include infections, diabetes, parasites, bladder problems and various others.

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Your dogs can pee on couch for many reasons. It is a very normal behavior happening in may dogs and can be handled by potty training and other useful tips above. Have you ever been in a situation where your dog peed on your couch? What is your opinion? I would love to hear about your experiences. Share your story with us in the comments below. 

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