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5 Best Dogs that Can Be Left Alone for Busy People (Best Choice for Dog Breed)


In reality it should be the case that there are no canines excluded from a list of dogs that can be left alone. This is an important topic as many people leave their dogs alone without understanding the dogs needs, a dog much like a person enjoys the company of others. Let's take a look at some of the breeds that can be left alone for a while.

1. Dogs that can be left alone - Basset Hound


Basset Hound

Whilst they have a reputation as a dog with a hunting tradition, many people think of these dogs as being a ball of energy that need constant wearing out. Whilst they are active dogs, they are also fond of a nice long nap.

They have a rather stable temperament, meaning they are more than happy to accompany you on the longer hikes and walks but would not suffer from mood swings if left alone for a while.


  • Easy going​​​​
  • Can relax quite easily
  • Generally happy dogs


  • Have a loud howl and if you leave them for too long, you will hear it
  • Can be prone to putting on weight, make sure they do get ample exercise

2. Golden Retriever


Golden Retriever

This smart and loving dog is a very popular one with families, and for good reason. Their fun personalities and good nature make for great companions.

They are also eager to please their owners, so if that means they must stay at home for a while then they will be just fine doing so.

They are not prone to separation anxiety although there are exceptions to this. Generally they will be fine left to their own devices for a while.


  • Loyal
  • Eager to please
  • Not prone to separation anxiety


  • Do have active minds
  • Will need exercise before you leave them

3. Chihuahua

It seems obvious, the smaller the dog the less exercise they will need. Well this isn't always the case but a Chihuahua weigh so little that they are fine pottering around the house.

All my Chiahuas.com suggests leaving toys and chewies for your dog to ensure they can keep themselves entertained.

They are social animals so it is best if you can leave them with a suitable companion.

Much like the beagle they often have issues with weight if not exercised properly so make sure they have a good balance between being active and being left alone.


Leaving toys and chewies for chihuahua, they can keep themselves entertained


  • Small dog needs less exercise
  • Good with a companion
  • A few toys should keep them entertained


  • Prone to obesity

4. Greyhound


Greyhound (Via Wikipedia)

They might seem as though they need to be sprinting for half the day due to their tradition in the racing world, but these dogs are perfectly fine with sleeping for hours at a time in the day.

In fact, they can be quite lazy dogs when left alone and will just sleep for hours on end.

Retired greyhounds are very commonly available for adoption, these dogs will be used to spending a large portion of their day in a crate, as sad as that is, they would welcome the freedom of being out of a crate in the day whilst still being fine left alone.


  • Enjoy their sleep
  • Are fine in their own company
  • Good for apartments


  • If an ex racer they may need a muzzle when off lead

5. Maltese



You may have guessed so far that any dog that enjoys its sleep is a good dog to own if it will be alone more. This is the case with the Maltese, a smaller mid sized dog that could quite easily spend half of its day on the sofa.

Unlike many breeds, it is not as likely to practice destructive habits when left alone so your house should be more or less how you left it.


  • A good sleeper
  • Doesn't often have destructive habits
  • Good with other pets


  • Long haired so you may be combining your sofa when you get home

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Any dog can be left alone for a certain amount of time, puppies less so as they are more likely to have destructive habits that they should grow out of.

Of all these breeds there is none that is particularly better than the other as all dogs are still individuals as should be treated so. A breed that likes to sleep a lot id generally a good choice and there are plenty of those that feature in our list.

When leaving a dog alone the above breeds are mostly fine with company but always gauge your own dog's temperament first. Leave them with plenty of water and toys to keep them entertained and never leave them alone for too long.

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