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Earthborn Dog Food Reviews 2020 [Ingredients and Recalls]


They say you are what you eat and this could also be said for your dogs. When you are feeding your pet you want to ensure that they are getting a high quality and balanced feed. Although it is not widely available as it should be - it is definitely worth finding where you can.

Earthborn is a dog food brand from Midwestern Pet Foods which was founded in 1926, so they are experienced enough to be able to say they know what they are doing. Earthborn products are produced at their factory in Illinois.

Prime Products of Earthborn Dog Food​​​​

These are all inclusive large amounts of protein and a well balanced and tasty food with no grain

These all contain large doses of vegetables and protein levels and come in 8oz containers that can be resealed

These all are added vitamins and mineral as well as essential ingredients for growth and development.
The natural line has a protein percentage of 28% for the puppy and small breed range - protein is especially important for puppies for growth and boosting their immune system, and 22% for the adult range.

Earthborn Dog Food Detailed Reviews


Many people will appreciate the finer ingredients used giving your dog a healthier diet. This is also because of the recipe grainfree range that is kinder on a dog's digestive system.

Earthborn have an excellent reputation will no recalls being recorded which is rare in the dog food industry.

There is a high level of protein in many of the foods - this is often considered a sign of quality dog food. There is also a good variety of proteins used so you can find the one your dog enjoys the most.

They also have a natural product which boasts that it does not include ingredients such as what, soy or corn. This product uses proteins such as Chicken meals recipe which can contain 3x as much protein as chicken, or whitefish meal which is also known for being high in protein.

  • The Quality Ingredients
  • Natural Products
  • Wide range of Foods
  • High Protein Levels
  • No recalls


Unfortunately Earthborn products are not as widely available as we would like. For convenience you might not be able to pick it up from your local store, but it can be ordered online.

The price might put some people off trying it for the first time, but we can reassure you as the quality does make it worthwhile.

  • Not widely available​​​​
  • Carbohydrate levels quite high


The most positive aspect regarding the ingredients of Earthborn dog food is the high quality of the ingredients - they even have a food with Bison as the main protein (34%) and herring (32% protein).

The most positive of this dog food is the high protein content. With many Earthborn dog food reviews you will find that they are scored favourably for this. Protein is a very important part of a healthy dog's diet, the repairing and strengthening of muscles if essential to a dog and any food that has a high protein content is usually a sign of quality.

It is well known that dogs often react negatively to beef, Earthborn understand this and have not included it as an ingredient in any of their foods.

Carbohydrate levels for this range of products is generally considered on the high side of moderate when compared to other foods, Although carbs aren't particularly bad for dogs, they can actually live without them in their diet at all.

The third highest ingredient in many of the foods is a carb - potatoes. Although many of the foods do not contain grain, they are still bulked out by potato. Mostly found in their grain free range, it is an ok substitute, although they are high in terms of glycemic ratings so if you know your dog has high blood sugar you may want to consider an alternative.

Some companies will boast of potato free food, you should not be overly concerned about potato being on the list of ingredients if it is not the biggest ingredient, it is usually harmful to dogs as part of a balanced meal.


Fat sounds like it is detrimental to a dog's health but a healthy level is important as part of a balanced diet. Fatty acids help a dog to expend energy as well as providing nutrients that are essential to a dog's well being.

The fat levels in Earthborn dog food are generally between 18 and 20%, although the large breed formula contains just 13%. This is a reasonable level of fat in dog food for mid-high quality products

One of the other ingredients predominantly found in dog food of higher quality is chelated minerals - these minerals are added to the protein to make it easier for the dog to absorb the benefits.

Breeds and Portions

With such a variety of foods there is something for every breed of dog. The small breed range is tailored for those that are under 20 pounds, the giant breeds for dogs weighing over 50 pounds. The Irish Settler in particular will appreciate the grain free range as they often suffer from gluten intolerances.

Because of the high protein based content, you might want to consider giving your dog smaller meal sizes, this will not only benefit their well being but make the food last longer. There are less of the bulking ingredients that are often used to fill out the contents and do not actually benefit your dog.


You can't find any information online of a recall for Earthborn Dog Food, this is because there has never been one! This makes their products reliable and trustworthy.



When looking for a good quality dog food, a lot of owners look straight for the protein levels. This is a generally a good indicator of a good product but Earthborn have gone even further given the chicken meal content being a higher quality level of protein in many of their products.

One thing we would like to see is a change of the carbohydrate from the standard potato recipe to sweet potatoes recipe maybe, saying that it is a good alternative to grain if your dog has an intolerance to itl.

There are also ingredients that are only found in higher quality foods such as the chelated minerals as well as taurine which is beneficial for a dog's heart and brain.

You will find that with many Earthborn dog food reviews there are many satisfied customers, although it is not as widely available as we would like to see we are still scoring this food a 4 out of 5 based on the good protein and ft levels, variety of products and overall quality.

You will find that with many Earthborn dog food reviews there are many satisfied customers, although it is not as widely available as we would like to see we are still scoring this food a 4 out of 5 based on the good protein and ft levels, variety of products and overall quality.

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