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Best German Shepherd Training Book 2020 [Reviews From Experts]


Dog parents are always interested in training their dog, especially for German Shepherd, a very smart breed. READ NOW my honest review of The Best German Shepherd Handbook (by Michael Tapscott) to see if this book is worth purchasing.

German Shepherd Handbook by Michael Tapscott Introduction

The good thing about this book of course is that Michael Tapscott has owned several German Shepherds himself. This should be a minimum requirement for any authority on the subject.

In this book he interviews breeders, some of the most respected importers the world over. He also talks to vets and professional dog trainers. This is a very broad spectrum of experts and the quality of the references really stood out for us.

There are decades of research and expertise piled into this book. Despite it being so thorough in its research and study, all the information is out to you in a very simple and clear fashion.

It doesn't matter if your GSD is a puppy or an old boy or girl now, there is help and advice for all ages.

Set into easy to read chapters. It also has a 100% money back guarantee so purchasing this book for training your dog is risk free.

What You Will Learn From This Book?

  • How to focus their energy - This is particularly important with German Shepherds. They have high energy levels and if not focused in the right direction, they can become destructive. The book goes in depth to help you counter this.
  • How to train them to do their business outside - A vital part of any puppy training this is put in a simple yet informative way. The days of accidents in the house will be over in just a few steps.
  • How to form a strong Bond - This is the dream for any dog owner. The Best German Shepherd Handbook helps you to really know the breed and win them over. Especially important since they have probably won you over already.
  • Train them all the commands - There is nothing more satisfying than your GSD coming to you when you say come and sitting when you ask. This book tells you how to make all this and more happen.
  • Get the balance between friendly and protective - Naturally protective over their family GSD need to know how to focus their friendliness. This section makes the experience of owning and loving a German Shepherd safer and more enjoyable.
  • How To Get Them To Play Nicely - This section is where you will find tips on how to get them to socialise with other dogs in a friendly way, Whatever the breed, this is especially important if you have other Dogs in your home already.
  • Health Checks Specific to German Shepherd - Possibly the most important section, Making sure you know the common illnesses that this beautiful breed often suffers from helps you to know what to look out for. This can save your dogs life as.It covers help for all types of GSD. Naturally some are smarter and more responsive but the information is so broad in who it can help because it goes in depth. There is even a section on the right foods to give them


  • This eBook covers absolutely everything about German Shepherds – from picking your perfect pup, possible health issues, history to grooming, dietary requirements and German Shepherd training ABCs that fit their personality traits and eliminate any behavioral issues.
  • The author (who has owned several German Shepherds himself) has interviewed breeders, professional dog trainers, respected importers, vets and even other GSD owners for the inside scoop.
  • The guarantee is unbelievable – a full refund after 60 days and you get to the keep to the book regardless! This tells me the author fully believes in his product.
  • Early birds most certainly catch the worm. For a limited time you receive the following bonus eBooks:
    - 5 Dog Training Myths
    - Dog Bite Prevention
    - Dog Care Duty: What Is Needed To Take Care Of Your Best Friend
    - Dog Diet: The Right Food For Your Dog
    - Pamper Your Dog: 130 Recipes for Your Canine Friend
    - Part Friend Part Family: Taking Care of Your Dog Safely and Naturally
    - The A-Z of Dog Names - German Shepherd Handbook (2018 Edition) – once revised and released!


  • All the awesome extra items are only on the table for a short time so if you snooze you will lose.
  • This is not for you if you just want a German Shepherd Training manual.

Our Comprehensive Rating

Overall Assessment - 4.5/5

We found this book to have everything we would like to see for GSD care and training. Each section was well written and at the end of the book, we couldn't think of anything essential Michael Tapscott had left out.

Readability - 4.5/5

It was easy to read with each section made clear with nothing being too challenging to learn, yet very helpful.

Useful Knowledge - 4/5

We have witnessed the knowledge being passed onto a GSD by a customer who has read the book and the proof was there to be seen. A well behaved dog with a very knowledgeable owner.

Reliability of Information - 5/5

Having studied GSD and read numerous articles as well, we can safely say that the reliability of the information stands up well. It has all the key information you would expect to find from an expert in the breed.

It actually goes beyond our expectations. Despite having a lot of interactions with this breed and knowing a lot about them, there were still plenty of sections that had new ideas and things we hadn't thought of.

Reviews of other Readers

Let's see what others have been saying about this book?


We have to say that we agree with the above reviews. It is an in depth and easy to read guide that leaves no stone unturned. Whether you require a bit of an extra hand or a complete overhaul of your training, The Best German Shepherd Handbook by Michael Tapscott has it all and more.

"Specific training, tailored for a special dog!"

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