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Why the Beagle is The Hardest Dog to Train? [Answers from Experts]


When you bring a dog into your home, he or she becomes family. It is your child that you need to love, and care for, until death do you part. That is a big responsibility, and to top it all, you also need to train them.

One thing that many people overlook due to the cuteness of a dog, or the popularity of a breed, is which one is the hardest dog to train. You might have a lot patience, but how far are you willing to stretch these limits?

After much research and many contenders, I would have to say the answer to that question is the ever popular Beagle.

beagle-the-hardest-dog-to-train (1)

Beagles are considered as the hardest dog to train

There are several reasons as to why this particular four-legged friend is the hardest dog to train:

#1 Doggedly Stubborness

The hardest dog to train is one that is hardheaded. If they think they can do what they want when they want, the frustration when a dog doesn’t respond or listen to commands, starts to build up. 

At the top of this list, and making this the hardest dog to train, is the Beagle. The Beagle has a very friendly temperament, but it may use most of its mind and willpower to defy you.

It is thus important to keep reminding your Beagle you are the ‘alpha in the house.’ This behavior will ensure proper respect is developed between the two of you.

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#2 Best Not To Be Bored or Without an Outlet for Energy

Bored dogs often tend to become destructive when left alone, or without chewy toys to keep them busy. Although, not as jealous and clingy as a Chow Chow, Beagles do become very attached to their human parent, and will look for other things to keep themselves occupied if you are not around.

Dilemmas may occur regularly if they smell something as aromatic as the trash, therefore make sure it is always in a bin that he/she cannot get into.

Resolution - Crate Training a Beagle

An option that works well is crate training your Beagle. This will provide them with their own personal space to sleep in at night, and will prevent them from causing havoc in the home during the day.

Your Beagles Attention Span

Your beagle may lose interest quickly due to a short attention span, and will tire of repetitive training, simply ignoring your commands. This is even more likely if there is a distraction. Beagles do not only love the smell of food, but are drawn to socialize with other dogs in the vicinity. They are extremely dogged when determined.

beagle-the-hardest-dog-to-train (2)

Beagles are very energetic

A Beagle is highly energetic. Before training, make sure she/he is properly exercised to get rid of pent up energy. That helps your dog focus on training. (Of course, don’t tire them out completely, but just enough so that they aren’t too restless.)

The same concept applies before leaving for work or going out. Your Beagle may be less likely to get up to mischief if he/she has had a full workout, preferring a nap.

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#3 Not The Sharpest Tool in The Shed

You may say that intelligence doesn’t really matter in a canine, but the lack of brain matter can make a dog very hard to train.

If your dog can’t remember things, gets easily confused, or spaces out for hours at a time, you may struggle to teach them. Additionally, some of these types of dogs may not always grasp that you are the boss, and try and dominate you. However, this could be also be chalked up to stubbornness and personality.

Adapting to New Situations

These dogs will find it very difficult to adapt to new situations, and may not be able to figure out every day things like walking around an obstacle in its path. Continuous barking at their own shadow will also grate on your nerves.

Beagles and Cognitive Abilities

Beagles do have problems in the cognitive area that directly impairs their ability to be taught. They are considered smarter than dogs like the Afghan hound, but not enough to make the cut for the most clever dog breeds list.

You will need a lot of patience and be willing to teach your dog the same command over and over, until it finally sinks in.

To prevent your pooch from becoming perplexed, you need to make sure your training methods remain consistent. Obedience difficulties can arise as he/she may simply not understand you.

#4 Super Senses

The Beagle is renowned for a heightened sense of smell. Your naturally curious dog may go bounding off to sniff an intriguing new scent instead of concentrating on your instructions. It needs to be understood that this is part of your dog’s DNA, as the Beagle was bred specifically for hunting, and are often used as sniffer dogs.

Your dog will climb over walls and fencing, or dig to get to its destination if he/she smells something that tickles their fancy.

They just love food, which often causes overweight in Beagles. Their diet must be properly monitored, and they must have a good exercise regime. On the plus side, this weakness will help with training if you reward them with a tasty treat.

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#5 Housetraining Hardships

Although there are other breeds that top this specific list as the most frustrating to potty train, your Beagle is worth a mention here. This is again due to their lack of intelligence, stubbornness or both. Don’t despair, because they will get there eventually. If you have adopted a Beagle as a puppy, you should start with this immediately.

Additionally, because of their keen scent, you won’t be able to get the smell of pee completely out of your carpet. Your Beagle will be drawn to that odor time and time again, to urinate on that very spot.

If your pup does have an accident or misbehave, you should never ever give him/her a spanking. Rather spray your Beagle in the face with water from a spray bottle, and talk sternly. Remember to use the same commands every time so as not to puzzle the dog about what you mean.

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In Conclusion

Owning a beagle, and training it, surely does sound like a challenge. But, on the other hand, there are so many fantastic qualities to this dog that make the whole thing worth it.

Considering that they are very loyal, lovable, playful, cute and wonderful with kids, they might be a good addition to the family. In the end, no one said life would be a bed of roses, so give it a shot with the hardest dog to train.

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