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High Calorie Cat Food to Give Cat the POW? [2020]


Every human knows our bodies needs energy to function which is provided by calories. Calories are gained by eating foods rich in proteins and natural fats. Your cat, on the other hand, may not be as clued up as you about his/her necessary dietary nutrition, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your feline friend is eating high-calorie cat food.

Presuming your cat is as picky as mine, you might want to find something that your cats finds tasty while still ensuring your meow gets the best calorie POW.

Why Does Cat Need High Calorie Cat Food?

Besides energy for daily functionality, which your cat will always need whether playing or stalking, the more your cat ages the more it will to take in a higher amount of calories. It is a complete myth that you should restrict what your cat eats when he/she is older.

high-calories-cat-food (2)

High-calorie cat food will also help your kitty pick up weight

We, as humans, can choose to eat veggies or meat, but a cat by nature is a true carnivore. Therefore, they munch what appeals to them because their bodies need what is in that specific type of food.

Thus ensure your gets high-calorie cat food that is also palatable. Eating high-calorie cat food will also help your kitty pick up weight when necessary, particularly if you cat is sick. Calories are further vital for nursing mama cats.

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Cat Calorie Kung-Pow 101

Unless you can afford to buy high-calorie cat food every day like prime beef cuts, turkey, or fresh fish, you might may want to consider more affordable options that will both delight the tongue of your kitty cat, but also give him/her the required calorie Meow-POW.

high-calories-cat-food (3)

Canned food grain-free canned foods are better options compared to grain food

Although there are canned cat foods that promise the world to cat, I avoid these as the preservatives used, are not good for cat. There are grain-free canned foods that are better in this regard as they are of higher quality. Alternatively, ask your vet about dry options that will up your cat’s calorie intake.

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What am I Missing?

If I consider my own weight and health, I cannot always chow down what I really crave or even like for that matter. Besides the occasional splurge or unless someone invites me out and treats me, I don’t always get to eat the yummiest meals that are good for my workout routine to build muscle or my personal calorie intake. Unfortunately, neither does my cat.

To make up for what I am lacking, I take supplements. And so does my cat. There are so many options on the market that will substitute the nutrients and other goodies that your cat may be missing if you can’t always spoil them with high-calorie cat food. 

What Supplements Should I be Looking at?

There are many great gel supplements available for a variety of reasons from constipation, passing furballs through the colon to the promotion of healthy joints and, obviously, the boosting of calories. These are also available in delightful flavors like tuna or chicken to appease the picky kitty.

Gels are awesome for play time when my cat just licks it off my fingers or I just add some to her wet meals to ensure she is getting high-calorie cat food as much as possible.

To make sure my cat always stays in tip top shape, I grind her dish up, which is usually chicken, with the organs and bones in my food processor into a paste and then add the supplement gel. All of these factors guarantee my cat high-calorie cat food on a daily basis without having to cost me an arm or a leg… or a prize bull!

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More Advantages of Calorie Booster Gels

high-calories-cat-food (1)

High calorie gel supplements makes cat's coat more beautiful

The best is the calorie booster gels like Vétoquional Care Nutri-Cal, Trophy Dyne and Tomlyn Nutri-Cal is that the added nutrients make my cat’s immune system stronger and her coat more lustrous! 

Healthy and Happy Kitty

So have you found that your cat is healthier and happier by using supplement gels to make sure of consistent high-calorie cat food? Or do you use other products or methods that can give your cat the necessary calorie Meow-POW? Purring please comment on NolongerWild.com and don’t forget to share with friends and family members who also freak about their felines.

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