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How Much Space Does a Cat Need? (Best Advise)


How much space does a cat need? Well, if you ask my cats, they would arguably state a lot! If I should comply, then I’ll need to move to the Barbie dream house.

So is it possible to establish exactly how much space a cat needs?  Well, let’s see if we can find out.

How Much Space Does a Cat Need? - Sizing My Cat To My Space

There are so many cat species to choose from when adopting. But the most important thing to consider is how much space requirements your cat will have to live in. Cats are more docile than dogs and don’t need an enormous yard to play in, but they also can’t live in a shoe box.


Each cat has its own need of personal space

Of all my cats, each one has a different personality and activity level. The one is in touch with her inner leopard and you rarely see her. She is forever roaming the garden and surrounds on the prowl for the next mouse. 

The other one is a house hen or a indoor cat. He rarely moves outside the boundaries of the house and feel a cat should not hunt but be served. 

The third cat is a foster cat. She is quite a mix between the two, enjoying time spent indoors but also loving the garden.

The point I am trying to make is that each one is different.  The first one I can’t for example keep in an apartment, she will never survive in such a small space and not being able to hunt. Whereas the second one will make a perfect cat for a flat. 

How Much Space Does a Cat Need? - Got My Space Now To Get My Cat

So how will you know how much space does a cat need? Well, a good rule of thumb is to look at your cat breed of cat that you intend to get. Some breeds, for example Abyssinians are more active and need a more vertical exercise.


Abyssinians are more active and need a more vertical exercise.

Some of the stockier cats need shorter running space and lower obstacles to climb and jump over.

Kittens are far more inquisitive than older cats. Keeping a kitten locked in a room, might lead to boredom and him planning an escape to explore the “great outdoors”. 

If you are necessitated to just a bedroom, maybe take an older, more mature cat along. One that will be happy to lye in the window sill looking outside but also be content just lazing around the room with the odd toy or two.

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Down To Space Basics

All science aside, there are some things you can consider when homing your kitty.

Cats are territorial. Trying to cram five cats into one room is recipe for disaster. Cats are individual creatures. They enjoy privacy and space, hunt alone but also enjoy socializing. 

Make sure each cat has living space for privacy and that there is common ground for socializing.


Cats are individual creatures.

Keeping cats neutered or spayed is good for “family planning”, but also keep the boys and girls in check. Boys tend to have a habit of fighting over females. In the process your furniture can be destroyed. 

Adult cats sleep more than when they are smaller.  Also with this in mind, cats sometimes keep odd hours. They can schedule playtime in the evening or when you get home. This can get hectic in a confined space!

Trying to navigating cooking with a cat running about can cause quite a bit of strategic acrobatics. But it is better than waking up with a start because of the feet running down your hallway. Only to realize that it is fluffy chasing down a ball of yarn.

Toys & The Space Oddyssy

Speaking of yarn . . .

Cats are playful. Some enjoy exploring and playing outdoors, whilst others enjoy playing with your furniture. 

Decorating the space your cat needs can be awesome! Nowadays there are a vast number of creative jungle gyms available to keep any cat happy. 


Decorating the space your cat needs could help cat get relaxed

When money is tight, putting up some sturdy shelving here and there can make for an enjoyable obstacle course. If you have a slippery hallway, shop around for a carpet. A cat can get injured when slipping whilst running about. 

Solving the Mystery: How Much Space Does a Cat Need?

Owning a cat is fulfilling.  Make sure to keep your quality and quantity in mind when adopting – keep only enough cats so that they have ample personal space as well as socialization space. And keep quality items in your home to stimulate your cat both mentally and physically.

Feel free to post any comments or questions about this blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on this article!

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