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Welcome back! Here is another edition of Interview with a pet blogger! Today we’re chatting with Anne Moss, a famous blog owner who created the great blog - TheCatSite


1) What is the story behind the name TheCatSite? 

TheCatSite is a lively online community dedicated to promoting better cat care and cat welfare. We offer fully-moderated forums where cat lovers can share pictures and stories about their cats as well as develop social interactions with like-minded people. We also provide authoritative advice to cat owners, with the best interest of the cat in mind.

Some so-called “cat websites” focus on jokes and funny pictures but TheCatSite (or TCS for short) is all about what’s best for real cats and real cat owners.

2) TheCatSite is a wonderful cat blog, which has inspired and helped many pet owners with a lot of useful articles. What were your inspirations and purposes to start this blog?

I established TheCatSite back in the year 2000 with the intention of making it the #1 online resource for cat care. Hence the name, indicating that it is THE cat website out there. I am happy to say it is living up to that plan, providing cat care advice and support to more than 1.4 million visitors every month.

It’s important to note that TCS is not in fact a blog. It is a community website where thousands of cat lovers come together to share their love for cats by offering advice and support to one another.

The cat articles are just one - and relatively small - part of the site. The cat forums are the most engaging and active part of the site. We also have community cat galleries and an extensive cat reviews section too.

3) Are you now pet parent to any cats? Can you share us an interesting memory between you and your pet?

Yes, I currently have a 15-year-old red tabby cat by the name of Tootie. We rescued and adopted him three years ago. Before that, I’ve had two cats, Gezer and Mishmish, who helped me develop TheCatSite.

In fact, Mishmish was the trigger for creating this site, as she was particularly aggressive as a kitten. I researched the issue in depth and then wanted to share what I’ve learned so that I could help other cat owners.

4) Can you give 3 advise to those who plan to bring kittens home for the first time?

First, consider if a cat is really the right pet for you. Kittens are very sweet but adopting one is a huge responsibility. You will have to care for a cat for the coming 15-20 years through sickness and health, and possibly through behavioral challenges too. Do your research and start by reading our article: 15 Things You Should Know Before Adopting A Cat.

Second, prepare the right setup before bringing the cat home. At the very least, you will need to get a litterbox and quality food but there’s really so much more. If you wish to enjoy a healthy and well-balanced pet, be prepared to become an expert on caring for cats. We’ve put together this guide for first-time cat owners where you can learn the basics of cat care and learn what to expect.

My third piece of advice would be to make sure you spay or neuter your kitten by five months of age and avoid declawing. Neutering is important for your cat’s health and wellbeing and also prevents unwanted births. Unfortunately, too many kittens are both each year than there are good homes for and this ends in millions of cats being put to sleep or dying on the street. For more information, read our article on why you should spay and neuter your cats.

5) What is the most important thing you have learned as an owner of TheCatSite?

(Via Thecatsite)

There’s so much I’ve learned in 18 years of operation, I really don’t know where to begin. I’ve learned about cat care and site building/management - which is a field that keeps changing. I guess the most important lesson would be to follow your dreams. 

When I started out, many people around me told me my dream was too ambitious but here I am 18 years later, managing a very large website about my favorite thing in the world - cats - and enjoying every minute of it!

6) What are your goals for your website in the next 6 months?

TheCatSite has been growing nicely over the past year, so that’s something that I hope to see continue. My goal is to keep working hard - with the help of our wonderful team of dedicated volunteers - to keep growing the community and help more cat lovers learn about providing the best possible care for their kitties.

Thank you Anne!


TheCatSite is a lively online community where cat lovers can not only share pictures and stories about their cats, but also offer cat-related advice to cat owners, with the best interest of the cat in mind. Let's enjoy a safe haven for these dedicated cat people - TheCatSite.

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