Meet Kim Demmon from Today’s Creative Blog – Where Inspiration Happens Everyday!

Kim is the the founder of Today's Creative Life.

Every single day, Kim not only is a busy mom who takes care of her family and her adorable Labradoodle Maybelline, but also shares tips and tutorials on how to live a creative life through her wonderful blogs. In her spare time, she teaches fitness classes and loves to decorate with thrift store bargains.

Today, it is our pleasure to have a brief interview with her so that we can learn more about Kim and her blog.


1) What is the story behind the name, Todays Creative Life? Can you introduce Todays Creative Life briefly to those who have just known it for the first time? 

I started out as Today's Creative Life and rebranded a couple of years ago to Today's Creative Life. This better reflects the variety inspiration a person may find on TCL.

2) What are your inspirations to start Todays Creative Life?


Kim R Demmon, the founder of Today's Creative Life (Credit: Tara Whitney)

I actually started my blog in a matter of 5 min in 2007. I was obsessed with reading decorating, craft and diy blogs but found them hard to find at that time. I craved a site that would have them all listed. 

Since I couldn't find that type of site, I started my own. I would share a new creative blog with my readers, writing a full article on a blog and why it caught my eye. This was always a surprise to the featured blogger and back in 2007.

3) Todays Creative Life is a wonderful blog which has inspired and helped many people with a lot of useful articles. To create a successful blog like this, did you have to overcome any challenges?

Yes! As the blogging world grew, it became apparent around 2013 that featuring bloggers wasn't going to grow my brand. Sponsors assumed that because my site was featuring creative people, that I too, was just as talented.

I had to "fake it til I make it" and come up to speed on photography, DIY and crafting. I, of course, loved all those things but did not consider myself an expert as many assumed I was.

My skills have come a long way, but I didn't get the luxury to learn as I go as many creative bloggers did!

You can find a lot of useful decorating ideas in TCL (Via Today's Creative Life)

4) What is the most important thing you have learned as the blog owner of Todays Creative Life?

Being authentic may sound cliche, but it's crucial to create your own path. Just be you and try not to get caught up in the comparison game!

5) Can you share three ways to live a creative life?

Follow what YOU love, not what you think others will love. Follow your heart and listen to your gut!

6) What are your goals in the next 6 months?

I really need to start doing some FB live videos and get more familiar with my Cricut Maker!

Thank you, Kim!


With her passion in doing craft, decorating and cooking, Kim created Today’s Creative Life which is the treasure of affordable home decorating ideas, creative crafts and printables for fun or holiday entertaining and of course recipes that are family friendly. Just visit Today’s Creative Life and find some wonderful ideas.

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