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Welcome back! Here is another edition of Interview with a pet blogger! Today we’re chatting with Laura Casati from Tractive BLOG.

Tractive, which was founded in 2012 in Pasching, Austriais, is engaged in the development of hardware, gadgets and apps for pet owners. Tractive creates GPS-based pet tracking hardware and mobile applications. Pet owners all over the world trust in their products in order to increase the security of their beloved pets.


1) Tractive blog is a well-known pet blog which inspires and helps pet lovers a lot.
Why did you start it?

The Tractive BLOG is written to keep dog and cat parents informed about relevant topics like: food, training, dangers for dogs and cats, new trends… Having a dog or cat is an important decision which sometimes affects your whole household.

The Tractive BLOG wants to be of help in crucial moments like this.

When we write a blog post, we put the interest of the pet parents first. Ultimately, we want to build a strong pet owners community!

2) To those who have just known Tractive BLOG for the first time, can you introduce it briefly?

The Tractive BLOG has different sections: health, safety, training and tech, are the main ones. There, we cover important topics like: food, dog training and the technological differences among pet gadgets.

But the blog is fun as well! In the Tractive Blog in fact, we cover curiosities and funny posts, mostly in the good-to-know section.

A very important section for Tractive are also the customer stories. Go and visit the customer stories section and expect heartbreaking experiences from the voice of Tractive customers.

Tractive customers love talking about Tractive GPS and tell the world why and how Tractive has changed their lives!

3) You introduce to pet lover Tractive GPS, can you explain us how does it work?

Tractive GPS is the GPS tracker for dogs and cats that gives peace of mind. It’s easy to use because it fits every collar and it works together with a mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

Tractive GPS locates your dog or cat whenever and wherever! Tractive GPS works all over the world and has no range limit! This means you can be in London and still be able to locate your dog let’s say, in...France!

Thanks to its embedded SIM card, Tractive GPS is able to send positions of your dog directly to your smartphone. This gives you the possibility to always keep an eye on your beloved furry friend!

4) What were your inspirations to create Tractive GPS?

The brilliant idea came to Michael Hurnaus, Tractive’s CEO, after one of his dear friends lost his dog.

Michael recalls this to be one of the scariest moment for his friend. Since Michael comes from an IT background, he asked himself if there existed a technical equipment that could support dog owners in this situation, but he couldn’t find any.

 This is how the idea of Tractive was born.

5) Do you own any pets? Can you share some interesting experience or some unforgettable memories with them?

I personally own two cats, which live indoor. Therefore, no need to use a Tractive GPS with those two.

Nevertheless, Melanie the head of marketing at Tractive owns a dog. He is called Benno, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Always full of energy, especially as a puppy, Benno has never stopped exploring his surroundings. Thanks to his Tractive GPS, whenever Benno leaves the garden, he is never in danger!

Melanie gets an alert directly on her smartphone immediately after, should this happen, and there is no worry that Benno will come back home safe and sound.

6) What are Tractive next plans in the near future?

We invest time and effort to provide the best products for the peace of mind of every dog and cat parent. 

We grow fast because it’s the wish for our pets security that fuels us, so...stay always tuned for more!

Thank you so much for your sharing, Laura!

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