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Pregnant Cat Signs of Impending Labor [How to Tell]


What is often a very exciting but tense time for all involved, it is important to be aware of pregnant cat signs of impending labor. This will ensure you have all the tools you need to provide a comfortable and safe labor for your beloved cat. 

An average time of birth would be around the 9-10 weeks of pregnancy stage. So a rough guideline is 62-67 days. Here are just some of the signs to look out for:

The First Pregnant Cat Signs of Impending Labor


This is often a sign that you cat is preparing for birth, and you should too! It is most likely that she will find a quiet and sheltered place for her birthing. At this stage what you can do to aid your cat is supply something along the lines of a box and make it comfortable for her so she feels safe.


Cat will find a quiet and sheltered place for her birthing

Line it with newspaper and place something soft like a cushion in there for comfort.

Place it somewhere quiet and ensure there is enough space for up to 8 kittens although the average is less than this it is always good to be accommodating here.

You will also want to ensure there is clean water and food kept near this space so she doesn't have to strain herself getting supplies.

Her Body

Most cats’ appetite will grow when they are reaching the latter stages of pregnancy.  The larger her kittens are getting inside, the bigger their appetite will be.

An idea to support their needs is to add some kitten food to your cats regular meal to ensure they are getting some of what they will need too.

Even when she is eventually feeding her kittens, supplying kitten food into her regular food of choice is a sensible idea.


Most cats’ appetite will grow when they are reaching the latter stages of pregnancy

She will eat a fair bit more than she usually does the closer she gets to giving birth, so make sure she always has an ample supply of everything she needs.

The little kittens might also make their presence known around this time so if you see them moving more and more this can be another sign.

One clear sign that begins earlier in pregnancy but should also change again closer to giving birth is the appearance of her nipples. When she is getting ready for birth, her nipples will be more prominent, and even becoming visibly pinker in appearance.

At this stage you might also notice some milky fluid starting to appear, this is completely normal.

Don’t be concerned if she loses her appetite a little as this is another sign that she will be imminently going into labor.

Activity - Pregnant Cat Signs of Impending Labor


When cat is getting close to labor, she will be less likely to move around

Like any animal, their mobility will differ when she is getting close to labor. She will be less likely to move around, so like we said, keep her food and water nearby.

She might also become a little clingy at this point, it is always nice for you to give her some light strokes and let her feel your presence.

Even her miaow might sound different at this stage but do not be concerned, this is part of the natural process.

Beginning of Labor

You might notice she has been less mobile, but suddenly she begins pacing around and seems like something is bothering her. This is a sign that labor is very imminent.


At the beginning of laboring stage, your cat could suddenly begin pacing around

The pains of labor are not spared for cats unfortunately and this is just her way of dealing with it.

You might notice that she leaves a trail of bloody discharge through her contractions, this might be upsetting to see but again it is all part of the natural birthing process.

Before she gets to this stage make sure you know where some clean and soft towels are for the kittens and even, tissues are handy to have around.

Some antiseptics are useful to have to hand as well as something to tie the cord off.

If at any stage you have a concern about your cat, do not hesitate to contact your vet. It is a good idea to have their contact details to hand should you need to speak to someone. Also, make sure you know where their location is in case of an emergency.

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