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“The Online Dog Trainer” Review 2020 (Doggy Dan Review)


Struggling With Dog Training?
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Want to CORRECT puppies' behavior (behavior training), help them to INTERACT better with strangers, TOILET TRAINING / POTTY TRAINING them or even stop them from BARKING? Doggy Dan's online dog trainer has led us to write one of the most perfect dog training system reviews. More detailed, our review here (about Dan's Online Dog Trainer) will reveal all TIPS & TRICKS that have trained well over 25,000 dogs.

The Online Dog Trainer Review: Who Is Doggy Dan?

Your trainer and video host is the fresh-faced author of "What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent".

He has over 100,000 subscribers to his blog, a very impressive amount. A feature of numerous magazine that includes the likes of Woman's Weekly.

Not just an author he has appeared on TV several times with many looking to tap into his expertise. His most recent TV appearance was on the show The Real Housewives of Auckland.


Doggy Dan has helped to trained over 25,000 dogs 

In terms of his love and knowledge of Dogs, it is hard to find a more fitting guide for your training than Doggy Dan. He says he plans to change the world of dog training and make it a better place for all dogs.

For us, this is a good start and it is refreshing to hear out beloved pets really being out at the forefront of the training's purpose. He has the knowledge of nervous courses held by international dog behaviorists. He has read every dog training books and watched every DVDs to help him understand his dogs better.
>> All this has SHAPED a passionate and highly successful dog trainer.

Dog Training Reviews: The Online Dog Trainer Content


Are you having trouble controlling your dogs' obedience (obedience training)? Is it disobeying your orders when you just need it to listen? This is the course that can help you to sympathetically understand and solve unwanted behavioral troubles.

It covers everything from crying when left alone, toilet training, recall, issues with running away and a whole lot more.

This online dog trainer program has compiled 5 emotion control exercises that really help with a variety of behavioral problems. Quite simply it will help to keep them calm as well as focused.

You only need a few minutes every day to commit to really making life easier for you and your furry companion. 


Going by the feedback, this isn't specific to any breed, it works for all (Via candogseat-this)

Split into 6 sections, this online dog trainer course takes you through every stage from The big secret to dog training, the dog calming code which has 22 videos in itself. Here is what you can expect:

  • Section 1 - The Dog Calming Code. Here Doggy Dan will take you through the 5 golden rules to change how your dog reacts to you. (22 videos, articles, audio and PDFs)
  • Section 2 - Everyday Tools and Training Techniques. Calm Freeze, the Stick Trick the Short Line and more. (18 videos, articles and PDF)
  • Section 3 - Training Your Puppy. How to make your puppy a social pleasure. (31 videos, articles and PDF)
  • Section 4 - Project Moses. All first-hand puppy training information. (68 videos)
  • Section 5 - Dog Problems. Solutions to behavioral issues, from the basics to the more serious. (56 videos, articles and PDF)
  • Section 6 - Dog Training. Connect with your Dog and help them to be well mannered. (41 videos, articles and PDF).

In the first section, Doggy Dan will help you to transform your relationship with your dog. By guiding you through some useful exercises that can control your dog's emotions, we thought this would particularly benefit anyone with a hyperactive pooch.

Does your dog bark at everything under the sun? Do you struggle to control his frustrating barking habit? Then this is a course that will change so much for you and your dog.

This in-depth course has two different sections once for a dog that is under 8 months, and one for over.

Here Doggy Dan will provide videos on the 5 step by step exercises that can put an end to your beloved dogs barking habit.

It doesn't matter what your dog barks at. Whether it is barking at the front door, barking when they are home alone, barking at people, barking at other dogs or over-excited barking. This really does cover all bases.


These barking issues are not self-correcting,  so Doggy Dan has put together a course with everything you need to remedy this habit (Via theonlinedogtrainer)

Just a few minutes each day is all it takes to follow Dan's lead towards success. Doggy Dan uses these techniques himself and they are the same for his high paying and even celebrity clients.

Fed up with being taken for a walk by your dog? Find it frustrating when you are being dragged down the street? 

It doesn't matter if your dog is lunging ahead to get to places, pulling on the leash, dragging you around when he wants to sniff, always trying to lead from the front or choking himself when he walks. The answers you need are part of these 5 emotion control exercises that Doggy Dan has put together.

The website details so many happy customers, the results are there to be seen. No matter what the age of your dog, everything you need is available in this course.


Doggy Dan has a course that will correct this behaviour and leave you with peaceful walks. (Via Theonlinedogtrainer)

To start with, you will learn how to get your dog to begin each walk in a calm and relaxed manner. From here your route to success if in Dans’ depth videos

The best thing is that it is made simple and you can go at your own pace. We like that you only need a few minutes per day to get it right.

Does your dog get overexcited? At times does he seem out of control? Do you find it hard to solve behavioral issues? If so, then this course has the tools you need to help you and your dog.

It doesn't matter if your dog is chasing small animals, aggressively towards other dogs, humans - even the mailman! Your dog could be random in when they are aggressive, overprotective, nipping and worse. Doggy Dan has put together in a course that can remedy this sometimes worrying act.


There are no cruel training methods involved, your dog is at the heart of the training (Via theonlinedogtrainer)

It is the 5 emotional control exercises that are laid out to give you the results you have needed. These training videos are simple and it only takes a few minutes a day to get it right.

The techniques used have been successful for thousands of customers.

The Perfect Dog Training System Reviews: Course Extras


Everyone loves to get more than they set out for. When you sign up you will receive the following bonuses (Via Theonlinedogtrainer)

Bonus 1 - Exclusive community.

This is where you can actually connect with Doggy Dan directly. You get access to Dan and his team of experts and can even send videos of the problem you are experiencing with your dog.

Better still, they will have a look at the issue and help you find a solution that works. 

This is also the area where you can interact with other dog lovers and discuss and share ideas and training tips. 

Bonus 2 - Weekly Video Updates

You can get access to live videos every week and get extra training. Every week there is new content that is only available to members.

Bonus 3 - Download Library

You can download and keep a huge library of resources. There is Doggy Dans Dog Training Audio Library and a whole lot more here.

The Perfect Dog Training System Reviews: How Does It Compare?

Take Secrets To Dog Training for example. Although this is a credible book, it is only 9 chapters long and only offers 6 video training. You get 3x that in one section as we mentioned earlier in The Online Dog Trainer review.

When you compare Doggy Dans course to others... likes the Brain Training For Dogs course you can really see the quality. This is a decent course but suffers from poor audio quality at times and it just doesn't have as much information as you would like.


The Dog Training Review Pros and Cons:


  • Access 24/7
  • over 100s of videos
  • Lots of extras
  • Choice of video, audio and PDF training
  • No cruel techniques
  • Knowledgeable trainer
  • Risk-free

In addition, any real life client consultations will cost around $500! This isn't an ongoing help, that's it! This is why Doggy Dans method (just $37 a month) is such a good deal. Plus, it can be canceled anytime


  • Not all course material available as audio
  • Requires patience

Overall Score - 9/10

TESTIMONIAL - What Others Say About This Course?


100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you do decide to give it a try, Doggy Dan offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee

The great thing here is that it is no risk. Since Dan has helped tens of thousands of pets around the world, you are in some very safe hands. You have 60 days to request this so it really gives you the chance to try it on for size.
Risk-free and possibly the most important purchase you will ever make for you and your beloved dog.

With $1 trial, you can get started and see if you really enjoy Dan Online Dog Training Program and its multitude of resources.


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