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Canine Lovers Need to Know These Top 55 Best Dog Blogs


We love our dogs and we love our blogs, so what could be better than a blog about dogs? Our furry pals are super fun and super loving, so let's explore what the top bloggers have to say about dogs. No time to search? No worries because we've "dug" through the world wide web and have found the top dog blogs.

Have you checked out these top 55 best dog blogs? They are amazing! In fact, they are truly "woof-derful." (Note that we don't arrange them in specific order or rank them from the top down, etc.)


Whole Dog Journal

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This blog is for the entire dog. From puppy tips to seniors Whole Dog Journal has what you're looking for. Check out their articles, free tip of the week, and subscribe to their newsletter so you don't miss a thing. This blog is jam-packed full of all things dog-related, so you have to give it a read. You will be so glad you did!

Check them out at Wholedogjournal.com



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As an offshoot of the popular magazine by the same name, Dogster is filled with useful information for the dog pet parent. The posts are well written, highly informative and some are even just plain entertaining like 'why do dogs howl or sing?' This is one blog that is well worth the read.

Check them out at Dogster.com



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From how-to's to adoption, breed profiles and everything dog-related, Dogtime has you covered. This "blog" is up-to-date and filled with quality articles to help the pet parent with any problem or dog-inspired question they may have. The site is well laid out and easy to reference so check it out today!

Check them out at Dogtime


i Heart Dogs

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This is a one-stop-blog with posts on everything from dog health, lifestyle, and behavior. I Heart Dogs also features breed profiles, fun/heartwarming stories and how you can give back as a dedicated pet parent. This site is jammed packed so grab yourself a big cup of "Joe" and peruse the content.

Check them out at iheartdogs


Life With Dogs Blog

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With plenty of material to peruse through, Life With Dogs Blog will inspire, educate and help their readers through videos, articles and an easy to navigate blog. Plus, if you have a cute photo of your pooch you're dying to show the world, send it in and they will be happy to post it for you under their Fan Photo Gallery tab.

Check them out at Lifewithdogs.tv


Adopt-a-Pet Blog

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Based on the popular search to find your new best furry friend, the Adopt a Pet blog provides some helpful tips, fun cartoons, and posts that every pet parent should read. This blog is well laid out and has a vast number of past posts to keep you busy for hours.

Check them out at Adoptapet Blog


Dog Shaming

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If you're looking for tips and hints, Dog Shaming doesn't have them. However, what it does have is a whole bunch of dog shaming pics. These will brighten up your mood, make you smile and perhaps even laugh out of control. Have your own dog shaming photo? Send it in, they may just publish it.

Check them out at Dog Shaming


Dog Tipper

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This blog covers all things doggy fun. DogTipper takes their readers through traveling with your dogs (and without) upcoming events, cool dog-inspired books to read and even dog shelters and adoption. This blog offers a little bit of something for everyone, so go fetch some cool info.

Check them out at Dogtipper.com


Dog Milk

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The name of this blog is by no means what the content covers. Dog Milk features posts on modern and stylish products, portraits and custom made dog toys. You can even find out how to make dog-friendly ice cream and easy dog biscuits using only two ingredients!

Check them out at Dog-milk.com


Labrador Training HQ

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The mission of Labrador Training HQ is for you to build the best possible relationship with your Lab. This blog includes training tips, the best products, and supplies for Labs, behavior and health tips. Even though this blog is centered around the Labrador, there's still plenty of great information for pet parents of any breed.

Check them out at LabradorTrainingHQ



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Don't let the name fool you, The DogTrainingSecret blog is more than just tips on training (though it does have them) you can find other helpful hints and posts as well. These include things we may be doing to stress our dogs out and seasonal posts on fireworks and what to do with a dirty dog tips.

Check them out at TheDogTrainingSecret.com


Dog ID's

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With the safety of your dog in mind, Dog ID's offers posts on nutrition, exercise, training tips and, of course, safety. The information is current and well put together with a clean and professional style. Plus, some of the posts are just plain fun like do you consider yourself a dog mom? Find out!

Check them out at Dogids.com



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Thinking about adopting a dog? Then check out Dogs for Adoption & Rescue. This blog offers up a vast amount of information on topics of all things dog adoption. This includes ideal first dogs, active dogs, puppies and their featured dogs in need of a good home.

This blog is a fantastic site featuring those poor pups that need a second chance at a great life.

Check them out at Dogsblog.com


Ruffwear Blog

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Brought to readers by the Ruffwear company, the Ruffwear Blog is not product focused, but rather a great mix of information for the pet parent. It's a place to check out helpful articles on outdoor activities with your pooch and to even share your own story with their readers.

Check them out at Ruffwear Blog


Keep The Tail Wagging

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This is a personal blog geared to feeding dogs a natural raw diet. Keep the Tail Wagging features recipes for raw diets, meal plans and other helpful tips for those that want to discover the benefits of a raw dog food diet. The blog is also easy to get around on and is well laid out in a neat and professional fashion.

Check them out at Keep The Tail Wagging



Lewis and his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Toffee (oh and the occasional guest appearance from his cat, Fudge) have created The Ultimate Resource for Spaniel Dog Owners. 

With an aim to ensure every Spaniel Dog has the very best start to life, growing up to be happy and healthy. SpanielKing.com is packed full of informative articles about all types of Spaniel Breeds, along with buyers guides and reviews. This is an excellent resource for Dog owners. 

Check them out at SpanielKing


The Other End of the Leash

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The author of The Other End of the Leash is Patricia McConnell an animal behaviorist for over 25 years. Her blog is filled with useful information that will help any pet parent gain a better understanding of their furry pals.

Check them out at The Other End of the Leash


Puppy Leaks

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This blogger is dedicated to making a site to enrich our lives with our canine companions. The articles are useful, well written and a great resource for pet parents everywhere. Puppy Leaks covers topics in the areas of mentally stimulating your dog, healthy recipes for dog treats and even posts on the latest news about breed specific legislation.

Check them out at Puppy Leaks


Take Paws

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This pet-friendly travel blog is for those folks that want to travel with their canine companion. It highlights some areas in the United States that welcome your furry pals like campgrounds, beaches, wineries and more. Take Paws is also offering up quality posts that are sure to educate new and seasoned doggy parents.

Check them out at Take Paws


The Daily Corgi

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Who can resist those short-legged little Corgis with their happy, smiling faces? On The Daily Corgi, you'll find all things pertaining to this amazing breed. This includes up-to-date factual posts on mobility and health, pet loss and some cool pics to keep you entertained along the way.

Check them out at The Daily Corgi


Dog Food Insider

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Are you wondering about healthy food choices and supplements for your canine companion? Then the Dog Food Insider blog is the place to visit. With articles on dog food reviews, top ingredients to look for in a canine food and the best dog supplements, this blog has you covered.

Check them out at Dog Food Insider


Kurgo Dog Products

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Based on the company's award-winning products, Kurgo Dog Products blog is filled with great information and infographics for an easy and quick read. You can also check out their products which include dog toys, travel gear, car seat covers and more.

Check them out at Kurgo Dog Products


Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund 

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With a New York Times Best Selling book based on the blog, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is more than a blog, it's a peek into the fascinating life of one lucky canine. The posts on this site are fun and you can even check out Crusoe's costume pics - they are hilarious!


Dog Star Daily

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This blog is focused on all things dog training. From behavioral problems, manners and obedience to adult dog training, this blog is filled with excellent info. Dog Star Daily is neatly laid out and very simple to navigate, so you can find exactly what you're looking for among its content.

Check them out at Dog Star Daily


Puppy in Training

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Blogger Colby Morita raises dogs for the Guide Dogs of America organization and for Canine Support Teams. His blog is filled with good information on training your dog from his own experiences, so you know it's well researched. Puppy in Training is the perfect place to start if you have a new puppy.

Check them out at Puppy in Training


Pawsitively Pets

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Even though this blog is not just on dogs, it still has fantastic information on all things pets. Blogger Ann Staub went to school to be a veterinarian tech and worked in that profession for 5 years - so you know her info is spot-on.

Her blog has even been a finalist for many prestigious blogger awards. There's a lot to check out on Pawsitively Pets, so head on over!

Check them out at Pawsitively Pets



Enter your text here...

This blogger tells it as it is with product reviews, dog training tips, how to start a dog walking business and even recipes for raw dog food diets. ThatMutt.com is well laid out and easy to navigate, so pop on over for some great information.

Check them out at ThatMutt.com


Fidose of Reality

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This health and wellness blog focuses on the Cocker Spaniel breed but is also appropriate for any dog lover looking for quality information. The content is well laid out and up-to-date with sections on physical and mental health, products, lifestyle and even adoptable dogs through Wigglebutt Warriors. Check out Fidose of Reality for a great read.

Check them out at Fidose of Reality


My Brown Newfies

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Blogger Jen is happy to share tips, reviews and a whole lotta fun and adventure she has with her two Newfoundland dogs (Newfies). Her content is not only educational, but it is perfect for the big dog lover.

And her pooches Sherman and Leroy are always willing to share a photo or two of their magnificent "mugs."

Check them out at My Brow Newfies


Senior Tail Wagger

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Our dogs get older and with that comes some special care on our part. What's New Senior Dog blog keeps the pet parent with an aging dog up-to-date on all kinds of helpful information.

Here you'll find articles on general health issues, nutrition, behavior and even some training, all focused on the senior pet.

Check them out at Senior Tail Wagger


You Did What With Your Weiner?

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You may click on it for the name, but you'll stay for the adventures of these two little weiners. Dachshunds Gretel and Chester are living the good life with their pet mom who loves to include them in all her travels.

This blog is very much in the hiking, travel and outdoor focus, so if you're looking for some tails and tales, then check out You Did What With Your Weiner blog.


One Mind Dog

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Being internationally recognized for their dog training and agility methodology, OneMind Dogs wants every pet parent to get "mentally connected" with their canine companion. This blog helps you do this with amazing articles that provide educational material on training, information on seminars and even a list of forums to help answer any of your questions.

Check them out at One Mind Dogs


Leader Dogs for the Blinds

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This blog is more than just a way to spend some downtime, it is empowering those that are visually impaired. Leader Dogs for the Blind is one of the top places to visit for resources on visual impairment, upcoming events, and available programs.

It even has a gift shop link! Plus, you can check out just how much money this worthy cause has already raised with the help of Purina.

Check them out at Leader Dogs for the Blinds


Dog Mom Days

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Are you a "dog mom?" Do you want to be inspired? Then Dog Mom Days blog may be your perfect fit. This blog encourages responsible dog parenting with useful tips, recipes and even some fun crafts for the trendy one-of-a-kinder. This blog is beautifully laid out, easy-to-navigate and just plain fun!

Check them out at Dog Mom Days


Kol's Notes

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Looking for some tips and tricks from a "DIY dog"? Then Kol's Notes is the place to be. Here you'll find crafts, dog-friendly recipes, canine health and fitness information and dog training tips. Plus, this little Puggle has a PR friendly site and wants to hear from other DIY'ers!

Check them out at Kol's Notes


Seattle Dog Spot

Enter your text here...



You don't have to live in Seattle to get an amazing read on Seattle DogSpot. With links to a comprehensive list of sites and dog-related information, this blog has it covered. Plus, it also offers local dog-related news stories and upcoming events, product reviews/recalls and even a place to sign up for their newsletter.

Check them out at Seattle Dog Spots


Eileen and Dogs

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As an amateur dog trainer, Eileen is sharing her tips and tricks for any pet parent that needs a helping hand in bringing up a good dog. Her blog is well established so there's plenty of past posts to catch up on, as well as up-to-date information.

Check them out at Eileen and Dogs


Sugar the Golden Retriever

Enter your text here...


Hosted by Golden Woofs, Sugar the Golden Retriever blog has many things you'll want to check out. This includes amazing photos, awesome tips and even some great product reviews (read before you buy). Plus, they even have DIY dog crafts and tasty recipes your own pooch is sure to love!

Check them out at Sugar the Golden Retriever


Dog Star Daily

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This blog is focused on all things dog training. From behavioral problems, manners and obedience to adult dog training, this blog is filled with excellent info. Dog Star Daily is neatly laid out and very simple to navigate, so you can find exactly what you're looking for among its content.

Check them out at Dog Star Daily


No Dog About It

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Cool pics, interesting reads, and even some fun videos is what No Dog About It is all about. Some of the highlights are learning about the dreaded euthanization (can your pet tell you when it's time to say goodbye?) and what to do when your dog gets loose. This blog is up-to-date and worth looking over.

Check them out at No Dog About It


Fido Friendly Blog

Enter your text here...


This blog is a treasure trove of information. It is filled with tips, hints, and stories of interest to give each reader something to "bark" about. The design is professional and packed full of up-to-date entries. If you can't find something great to read on Fido Friendly, then you're not looking hard enough.

Check them out at Fido Friendly Blog


Foster Dogs

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Every dog deserves a second chance and this is what Foster Dogs is all about. If you're in the New York area, this organization is the perfect way to "give back." If you're not a New Yorker, there's still plenty of great information on this blog about fostering a dog. Plus, you can read about some of their success stories that are sure to warm your heart.

Check them out at Foster Dogs


Susquehanna Service Dogs

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Service dogs provide a way for those people with disabilities to live a normal life. Susquehanna Service Dogs blog knows what it's talking about as they raise, train and place their service dogs to those that need them the most.

If you're looking for training tips and other cool reads, then check out this blog. You won't be sorry.

Check them out at Susquehanna Service Dogs


Endless Mountain Labrador

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Love Labs? Then Endless Mountain Labradors are the place you'll want to be. This blog is filled with worthy tips on the health and wellbeing of the breed, with some beautiful pics to add to the fun.

Plus, you'll know the information is correct, as this blogger not only writes about Labs, but she breeds these amazing dogs, too.

Check them out at Endless Mountain Labrador


Deaf Dogs Rock

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This blog is an offshoot of its non-profit organization to help support and bring awareness to all deaf dogs. Here you'll find deaf dogs in need of the helping hand of sponsorship and compassion, along with a wide variety of articles and tips.

If you're looking for a worthy cause to support or, perhaps to even add a deaf dog to your family, then check out Deaf Dogs Rock!

Check them out at Deaf Dogs Rock


It's Dog or Nothing

Enter your text here...


Are you a fan of the Great Pyrenees? Then you've got to check out, It's Dog or Nothing where you'll find all things furry and "great." This blog highlights this amazing breed and its rescue organization, some awesome tips, and even some dog-friendly recipes. This is a must read for any Pyrenees-lover or pet parent looking for some helpful tips on the breed.

Check them out at It's Dog or Nothing


Ammo the Dachshund

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What can be cuter than a Dachshund named Ammo? This adorable little "Weiner" loves to share his adventures with his huge fan base and is even the official greeter at his mom's custom made frame shop.

This blog is filled with great tips and fun pics of Ammo and his non-furry little sister. Plus, you can also find some super cool deals and info to keep you busy.

Check them out at Ammo the Dachshund


Tales and Tails

Enter your text here...

Writing about daily life can have it's ups and downs, but for Tales and Tails, it can even be funny at times. With two Greyhounds and two German Shepherds for inspiration, fun and even folly, this blog offers cool pics and up-to-date info for anyone looking for an interesting read.

Check them out at Tales and Tails


Scruffy Dog Photography

Enter your text here...


Beautiful professionally shot pictures of all things cute and adorable are what you're going to love about Scruffy Dog Photography blog. Based in Ontario, Canada, this blog takes you on a photographic journey of wonder and delight, with a few ramblings thrown in for extra fun.

Even if you're not looking for a photographer, you've got to check out these pics! They are amazing!

Check them out at Scruffy Dog Photography


Dog Training Station

Enter your text here...

From selecting the best dog products to training tips and puppy info, the Dog Training Nation blog is a community where pet parents, trainers and anyone that loves dogs can get helpful tips, tricks, and advice. Stop by to catch up on the latest news.

Check them out at Dog Training Station


My GBGV Life

Enter your text here...

Going through life as a French Scent Hound has its ups and downs and Debucher Baguette (aka Emma the GBGV) is happy to share her "tails" with you.

"Written" by the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeén "herself" this wild n' crazy girl will keep you updated on her life, her friends, and her family, with a little extras thrown in just to keep it fun!

Check them out at My GBGV Life


Irresistible Pets

Enter your text here...

With the mission to create an irresistible life for your pet, blogger Aimee and her Chihuahua, Chuy, went into the blogging business to help everyone create the best life they can for their own irresistible pet. With helpful posts, fun pics and a passion for pleasing, this blog is so woof it!

Check them out at Irresistible Pets


Oh My Dog Blog!

Enter your text here...

Written from the heart with a sense of humor and the core values of compassion, service, passion, community and eco-consciousness, Maggie (the blogger) gives her readers a glimpse into her and the lives of her fur babies with fresh (almost daily) content.

This blog shares more than just product review content, it goes further to find inspiration and passion from and for a community of dog loving bloggers and readers.

Check them out at Oh My Dog Blog!


Beagles and Bargains

Enter your text here...

Check it out for the name and stay for the facts, Beagles and Bargains is written by first-time pet parent Jessica, with her Beagle mix Luna for inspiration. Her goal is to not go broke and to spread her bargain tips with her thrifty doggy-inspired recipes, crafts and product reviews. Stop by for some great money saving tips and maybe even a giveaway.

Check them out at Beagles and Bargains


My Dog Likes

Enter your text here...

Want to travel the east coast of America without ever leaving your computer? Then check out My Dog Likes where blogger Rachael, is highlighting the most dog-friendly parks and towns across this beautiful country. She also offers some other tidbits of info, so check back daily so you don't miss a thing!

Check them out at My Dog Likes


Little Dog Tips

Enter your text here...

Blogger Lindsay Pevny and her MinPin/Chihuahua mix pup, Matilda, are sharing positive training methods to help pet parents everywhere. From potty training to modifying those unwanted behaviors and even some cool reviews, Little Dog Tips, is a well-rounded blog that is well worth the look over.

Check them out at Little Dog Tips

Top Dogs Blog Rock!

Now that you know of the 55 top dog blogs you will have no excuse to not catch up on everything dog-related. Take some time now to peruse some or all of these amazing blogs.

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