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Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews from Experts 2020


One thing you will immediately understand from reading Whole Earth Cat Food Reviews is that this is no ordinary cat food. By ordinary, we mean cheaply made, low in nutritional value and sold in bulk. No, this is an alternative with a difference.

So, why have conscious pet owners been turning to this brand? We are going to take a closer look.

Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews: Who Are They?

The food is made by Merrick Pet Care Inc as an alternative and higher quality food compared to their flagship brand simply known as Merrick.

When comparing the two the first thing you will notice is the protein content is higher in Whole Earth, the price also reflects this.

The company was purchased by industry giant Nestle Purina a few years ago and this represents their place in the high-end side of the market.

Whole Earth Cat Food is in the high-end side of the market

Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews: Product Range

The first thing we noticed when looking into their product range a little more, is that there is a lot of quality and choice available.

Their products are made in the USA which is always music to our ears and with over 20 different products in the Cat range alone, there is a lot to like. Around half of these are wet cat foods.

The more caring cat owners will want grain free cat food. Although it is not a common allergy, the main problem with grain is cheap to produce and acts as a filler really. Cats weren't built to digest them for a start!

A lot of the time, cat foods without grain often means a higher quality product.

Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Product Ingredients

The good news is that although some of the carb content is quite high, it is often made up of those that are easily digested such as potatoes and peas.

As we have mentioned, all the recipes from their brand are grain free.

The protein content in the Real Salmon Dry recipe is a minimum of 35%. Although this isn't the highest it is still better than average in our experience. This is the same for their Real Chicken Dry recipe as well.

The Crude Fat is 12% and fiber 4%. These are decent levels of both and are the sort that you are likely to find in products that are priced slightly higher.

What Can I Expect?

There is something for every cat's unique preferences. This is also reflected in the choice of flavors. With everything from Real Turkey & Duck Recipe, Real Chicken, and Real Salmon Recipe Pate, to Real Whitefish & Real Tuna Recipe.

Far too often, Cat food brands include too many carbs. Since these are not important for Cats and proteins are what they really need for optimal health, a good food will have a healthy kitten recipe to suit this.

Some of the lines have a great protein content, especially when compared to carbohydrates. Their grain free Chicken recipe contains 35% protein. This is higher than a lot of the competition and will really benefit your Cat.

In general, their wet food line has fewer carbs but this is reflective of the industry as there is less bulking out required in a can than a big bag of dry cat food.

When reading the label, you will notice that there are a lot of protein sources. For example, the Beef and Salmon Pate contains real Beef, Beef Broth, Beef Liver, Salmon, Dried Egg which is a positive start.

All the ingredients are natural which is important to us.

Are There Any Artificial Flavors?

Another bonus from purchasing Whole Earth Cat Food is that it is free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.

Since there is no need to include these we would find it hard to recommend any product that does. Thankfully, none of their product range includes these.

Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Pros and Cons


  • With no product recalls to note, this has all the hallmarks of a trustworthy brand. The finer ingredients and the fact that they are free of grain will please many cat owners.
  • Their reputation is sound and protein level is usually good.
  • Grainfree recipe
  • Artificial additives free
  • Good price
  • Plenty of protein sources
  • Wide product range


  • There isn't a lot to grumble about here. The quality isn't the highest on the market, but the price isn't high enough to make you think they are trying to be.
  • They have made an affordable but good quality product range but if there were any faults here, it would be the following:
  • Carbohydrate content can still be high
  • Some believe the texture of the wet cat food to be dry


The good news is that these foods are designed to be good for all cat breeds and to be beneficial for indoor and outdoor cats.

Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews: Kitten Range

Of course, the company also caters for our tiny feline friends and the same high quality you expect from the adult Cat range is found with the Kitten range.

Their product Whole Earth Farms Grainfree Recipe Healthy Kitten has a very good reputation. Holistic in its approach there are multiple proteins in this product.

Here, you get Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Chicken, Chicken Fat, Salmon Meal and more.

The recipe has been tailored for smaller mouths and when you read Whole Earth Kitten Food Reviews from their website, it is clear that this is a popular product.

What people are saying is that there is a noticeable difference in the soft coats and how it reacted on their sensitive tummies.

It has a 36% protein content which is slightly higher than some of the adult range.

Whole Earth Farms Kitten Food Pros and Cons


  • Grain-free products
  • Plenty of protein sources
  • Made in the USA
  • Artificial additives free
  • Good price
  • Full of vitamins
  • Kind on smaller tummies


  • Texture can be dry - try adding a little water where necessary


The Whole Earth Farms Kitten Food range is suitable for all breeds and kittens of all life stages.

What Is The Price Range Like?

This is one of the stand out elements you will often find in  Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Reviews. The price doesn't reflect the quality.

By this, we mean it could and maybe should be priced higher, given the nutritional value and quality of ingredients.

It represents a better than average pet food at what is quite an average price. Affordable value for pet owners is important and this is exactly what you are getting here.

Of course, the bigger quantities represent bigger value as well.


To sum it up, we think these foods are an option that anyone who wants to pay a mid-range price, for a higher quality product. The fact that they are grain free should be a sign of the notable quality that you get compared to some of the competition.

Whole Earth Farms have a good reputation with no product recalls. They seem to be a brand that is free of controversy. 

We would like to see a slightly higher protein content, but this is certainly not on the low side when you consider a lot of the regular options out there.Maybe if we were being picky we would like to see sweet potato used in the place of the regular potatoes that are used.

All in all, there isn't a lot to complain about and their products are a sensible choice,

We give them 4/5 today

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