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Why Does My Cat Lay on My Chest_

Why Does My Cat Lay on My Chest? (Top 5 Reasons)


You are reading a book while you suddenly find out that your cat is on the top of your chest. You may be having a nap upside down only to find your cat lay on your chest when you wake up. Our cats have this amazing way to irritate... or should we say love us?

Cat owners often find this type of behavior common with their pets. Chest seems to be one of their favorite places where they can take a nap or rest for a moment. While this may be one of your cat’s daily routine, let us find out what else could be the reason.

Why Does My Cat Sit On My Chest?

The answer often lies in the habit of your cat. Sometimes your cat wants to feel the warmth of your body which it finds on top of your chest.

It may also be associated with having extra comfort, a way of showing its affection towards you, having a sense of security that it finds on the chest area, or simply it may love that particular area for its rest. There may be one or more of these reasons which is why your cat is behaving like this.

Your Chest May Be A Comfortable Place For Your Cat

Cats are lazy and sensitive. They are always looking for a comfortable place to complete their sleeping job. If it finds a particular area comfortable, it keeps coming back to that place. Chest are neither too hard nor too soft. A cat may find unparalleled comfort while sleeping on the chest.

Finding Warmth Within You

Cats often look for warm places to have a rest. You will often find them across your blanket, in your living room where the sun light comes, and also around your body. When you are sleeping or having a nap, you may notice that your cat has come just beside you or on top of your chest.

Cat May Show Its Affection Towards You

Your cat may get bored playing all day. Sometimes it wants to show you some affection- yes it really does! Your cat may caress you to show some love. When you are planning to sleep at night, it may get on top of your chest to show that it loves you.

Favorite Area for Your Cat

Cat has a thing for finding its own favorite area. You may often find your cat to sit or rest at a particular place in your home. This can be called the comfort zone or favorite area of your cat. Yes, your chest area counts too. Cat often consider this a part of its own property.

Why Does My Cat Lay on My Chest? A Feeling of Safety and Security

Cat may find it safe and secure when it stays with you. Cats have a thing of building a bond with someone it feels secure with. Why does my cat lay on my chest? The answer is right there! It feels a sense of safety and security when it remains closer to your chest.

A Desirable Solution to a Not-So Irritating Problem


Try to make a different sleeping area for your cat that imitates your chest pattern to keep you from being annoyed (Via thecatsite)

Your cat may lay on your chest from time to time, but if it becomes a regular affair, then things might get a bit irritating for you. If this is not comfortable for you, or making it difficult for you to sleep, then you can certainly take some steps to move your cat away from your chest.

Cats are considered naturally flexible and can adopt a different area for sleeping if properly trained or managed. Try to make a different sleeping area for your cat that imitates your chest pattern. It can be warm and soft area so that your cat can find it comfortable.

Our Tips Regarding the Sweet Problem

  • If you are not-so-busy, then let your cat have its time as it lay on your chest.
  • Try to build a bond with your cat, so that even if you put it away from your chest, it can find its way towards other sleeping places without becoming sad.
  • Try to keep your cat sideways while sleep; they may eventually learn this pattern and avoid sleeping on the chest.
  • Do not, at all cost, misbehave with your cat even if it comes on your chest at an odd time. Your bonding may suffer if you do this.
  • You should not totally ignore your cat’s sleeping on your chest rather you should balance and also give it some time to rest on your chest. This will create a healthy bonding between you two.

Cat is a social animal and it likes to stay in contact with another human. Your cat may have its own way of expressing its love for you. As a cat owner, you should acknowledge its affection and can follow our tips so that you can be the best guardian to your cat.
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